Why do white-collar workers make more money than farmers

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I saw such a passage in V2ex and wanted to start a chat.

When I first graduated from university, I actually liked small companies, and felt that small companies could provide better compensation and benefits (such a small company, recruiting people must be a bit special). But when I went to big companies, I realized how wrong I was. If you want better compensation and benefits, then be sure to choose a big company. But if you’re looking to gamble on a future, small companies are where you should be.

Why large companies can provide better compensation and benefits is essentially because large companies have earned excess profits through their own scale effects, and only a small part of the profits can be brought to employees. work experience. As everyone in this big company, the reason why you can get better compensation and benefits is because your personal contribution may be of average value, but the scale effect of the company itself can create a great deal for this matter. A large multiplier, so in the end you get a good income, and the company is willing to continue to pay you a higher salary.

In addition, this answer mentions farmers, and this part has another reason:

my country’s market is a market in which the visible hand and the invisible hand work together, and the output of farmers belongs to the scope of government macro-control. On the one hand, the government needs to ensure that farmers can have enough to eat so they don’t run out of work. On the other hand, the government also needs more people to be able to eat and not starve to death. However, the government itself cannot generate value, and can only solve this problem through transfer payments. Therefore, we found that farmers could not make money and came out to work one after another. And our food can always remain at a low level.

To solve this problem depends on agricultural mechanization and the extensive use of chemical fertilizers. Through these methods, we can increase production and reduce labor costs so that farmers can really make money.

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