Through the automotive pressure sensor technology chain, Shengmai Electronics completed the A+ round of financing

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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Wuxi Shengmai Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Shengmai Electronics) announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in A+ round of financing. The investors in this round are Yonghua Investment, Wuxi Fuxin Venture Capital, Yunze Capital, Wuxi High-tech venture capital and individual investors. The new funds will help Shengmai Electronics establish an industry-leading automated production line, put advanced self-developed sensor chips and components into mass production, and provide high-performance pressure sensors for domestic vehicles.

Shengmai Electronics was established in 2018, mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of automotive pressure sensors. The core team of the entrepreneurial team has more than ten years of experience in the sensor industry. , 973 project, led the completion of two “National 863 Programs”, and also had team members from leading automotive sensor manufacturers such as Infineon, Delphi, Sensata, etc., who have led the establishment of a number of sensor production lines at home and abroad. Shengmai Electronics previously completed the angel round and the A round of financing in 2018 and 2021. The investors include Linxin Investment, Hongtai Fund, Jianyuan Fund and other well-known institutions.

Shengmai Electronics has insisted on independent research and development and continuous research for many years, and has gradually mastered a number of core technologies and capabilities of automotive pressure sensors, opening up a complete core technology chain from sensitive component design – chip design – circuit design – mass calibration capability – sensor component manufacturing. . Shengmai Electronics has completed tape-out of a number of self-developed MEMS chips, a high-performance automotive-grade ASIC chip has completed MPW, and established the design and manufacturing capabilities of ceramic sensitive components, MEMS sensor packaging production lines, and mass sensor calibration systems, etc. .

Shengmai Electronics maintains good cooperative relations with many domestic car manufacturers and system manufacturers. Customers include passenger car factories such as Great Wall, Changan, and SAIC, commercial vehicle factories such as FAW, Dongfeng, and Shaanxi Automobile, and new products such as Hezhong, Leapmotor, and Celis. Energy Depot. Covering a variety of pressure sensors in the engine, after-treatment system, braking system, and thermal management system.

Zhao Peng, executive director of Yonghua Investment, believes that as a major branch of automotive body sensors, pressure sensors are used in a huge amount and the total value of a single vehicle is high, especially the incremental market prospects brought about by new technologies such as new energy thermal management and electric control braking. broad. At present, this important automotive electronics market segment is still under the control of foreign capital as a whole, but in recent years, the rapid rise of local new energy vehicle companies has brought about major changes in the supply chain, which are reshaping the entire industrial chain. Manufacturers usher in a historical opportunity.

As a leader in local enterprises, Shengmai Electronics has mastered the entire key technology chain from the bottom up, including sensitive cell (MEMS or ceramic) design, ceramic sintering, ASIC definition, finished product assembly, calibration, mass production and other links. The Shengmai Electronics team has rich experience in the industry, and has a deep understanding of the supply, demand, industrial chain structure, products, technologies and business characteristics of automotive pressure sensors. The products and customers have received good feedback, and the business has a solid foundation. It is expected to achieve long-term rapid growth.

Sun Cheng, a partner of Yunze Capital, believes that with the promotion of national policies such as China VI emission standards and active safety of commercial vehicles, coupled with multiple benefits such as the upgrade of thermal management systems for new energy vehicles, domestic automotive pressure sensor manufacturers have ushered in an unprecedented market. Opportunities; After years of development, Shengmai Electronics has in-depth research and accumulation in the core sensor technology fields of signal amplification, calibration algorithm, circuit design, stress analysis, electromechanical coupling, and materials and processes. It is the only company in China with complete technology. A chain of automotive pressure sensor companies. The entry threshold of the automotive industry is high and the introduction cycle is long. The products of Shengmai Electronics have been recognized by many leading customers in the automotive field, and have entered the fast-growing lane, with huge potential in the future.

Xu Wei, founder of Shengmai Electronics, said: China’s new energy vehicles and systems have achieved localization and are in the forefront of the world. As the industry continues to develop and deepen, the localization of core components is an inevitable trend. The leading foreign manufacturers are still in a monopoly position, and the Global Factory model that they were proud of in the past has now become a constraint, and domestic manufacturers who guarantee local supply are facing huge opportunities. However, to achieve PK with foreign leading manufacturers on the same stage, it is necessary to make up for the shortcomings, and it is particularly important to integrate the core technology chain from front to back.

This is also the advantage that our team has accumulated over the years. We are taking advantage of the existing technical advantages to improve the level of automation, introduce intelligent manufacturing systems, and achieve accurate traceability of core components, materials, and process parameters; increase production capacity to meet the rapid growth of local car manufacturers. , and strive to become the first choice of new energy vehicle manufacturers.


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