TinyDay – Less than 1MB, punch-in diary and accounting app [iPhone/iPad]

TinyDay is an iPhone and iPad application with a size of less than 1MB. It records daily life by punching a card, and even without writing any words, it can realize two things of keeping a diary and keeping accounts. @Appinn

TinyDay - 小于 1MB,打卡式日记与记账应用[iPhone/iPad]

From the discovery channel , developer @ hqyang ‘s self-recommendation:

TinyDay – Help you write a diary by punching in

Different from traditional diary software, TinyDay encourages users to record every bit of life by punching cards anytime, anywhere. Whether it is drinking coffee, eating, watching exhibitions, fishing at work, or seeing stray cats, you can record any small emotions. Maybe some day in the future, flipping through these life sketches will make you feel.

TinyDay - 小于 1MB,打卡式日记与记账应用[iPhone/iPad] 1

From the old-fashioned “Day One” to “Notion” and then to various “one-sentence diaries”, I have changed a lot of diary software, and every time I write a few days of freshness, I give up. For me personally, the main reason for not persevering is laziness, summing up the day before going to bed, it is really not interesting to use Douyin.

Recently, recalling the past has always felt like an eternity. I feel that time has passed too fast, and my memory is not so good. I still hope that I can keep writing a diary to record my life. My personal appeal to the diary software is to write a running account anytime, anywhere, whether it is drinking Starbucks, doing nucleic acid, talking to myself, if it happens, I will record it, and finally summarize the diary of the day.

The core function of the app is just one “check-in”, you can create any channel to check-in. In the future, you can review the “punch record” by timeline or channel (somewhat similar to ToDo software)

At the same time, when punching in, you can record some attributes in a structured way, such as the origin and acidity of the coffee beans you drink in the morning, and whether you are playing Zelda or Mario in the afternoon; and the App also provides a simple accounting function.

In terms of data, it supports iCloud synchronization + CSV export to ensure that your data is always in your hands.

Future plan

  • Support for widgets
  • Support Apple Watch
  • Connect with health data

The reason why the App is currently only 1Mb is that the native components of iOS were used as much as possible during development, and no statistical tracking code was added. Future versions will also maintain the app’s lightness and will not be added unless necessary.

The green frog thinks that the most convenient place for TinyDay is the stress-free recording, only need to punch in the corresponding things, no need to say more:

TinyDay - 小于 1MB,打卡式日记与记账应用[iPhone/iPad] 2
TinyDay - 小于 1MB,打卡式日记与记账应用[iPhone/iPad] 3

If you like, you can also set custom attributes for each channel, such as brand, quantity, model, etc., and you can enter the amount that occurs every time you punch in. It is very interesting to realize accounting in disguise.

Interested students can try it. Anyway, it is only 1MB and does not take up space. Diary, bookkeeping, and punch-in are three-in-one, earning and earning.


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