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  • Flashback reading comics…
  • It’s all shrinking a little too fast, and it comes down to graduation season and ten years later…so it’s a short story after all
  • create new path
  • Fully accept the influence of what you like
  • It’s stupid to stop
  • Fight against each other
  • water without edges
  • Today’s dream may be a little bit important
  • out of order
  • Received incalculable information
  • A mouthful of aloe vera


  • “People often like to eat seafood dinners, only eat seafood in a meal, and even omit the staple food, which is very unscientific and more likely to cause diarrhea.”
  • Free public service, the bottom layer is logical, the value created supports self-maintenance, code ownership is transparent, rational distribution and elimination iteration
  • someone in a dream
  • get used to a single path
  • fruit


  • The rhythm of this team building is incomprehensible
  • “Totally shaken”
  • “Farmers with diverse plantings and smaller areas are more difficult to meet the requirements. Restrictions on insurance conditions make it difficult for them to enjoy the state’s subsidies for agricultural insurance. At the same time, the amount of insurance compensation is confirmed based on the output value of conventional agriculture. For and For small farmers who are engaged in ecological agriculture like Sister Chen Yanhong, the compensation amount of agricultural insurance is not enough to cover their losses.”
  • “Deliberately avoiding depression is becoming the depression of this era”
  • micro-expression emotions


  • Do octopuses have banyan genes?
  • I’m not looking for progress
  • Huo Lala’s master said that the current state is that he can’t die. In the off-season, he earns one or two hundred yuan a day. There are old people and young people. They don’t dare to get sick at all. Medical insurance is expensive, and some medicines are not included.
  • #17 The RSS3 Roadmap
  • laoa
  • Three hours to go
  • “Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau has revoked its business license in accordance with the law for the behavior of Beijing Yutai Candy Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Heaven Supermarket Bar) for failing to scan the code to measure the temperature to check the nucleic acid test certificate. At present, the administrative penalty notice has been served and listed A notice to be included in the list of the untrustworthy with serious violations.”


  • “I’m ashamed to say that I updated the official account again because the founder of Dangge Craft Brewing, Teacher Shijue, passed away unexpectedly. On June 15, 2022, at around 7:15 pm, I received this sad news. I was confused and didn’t know. What to write. From 8:00 p.m., the circle of friends was full of commemorative content. Many people reposted my interview with him in 2015 (Character|Singing about wine, beginning to feel life), which may be the earliest about his content.”
  • Rumbled so much last week at least 23333


  • Monopolies need a clearer understanding
  • “Between yes and no, there’s another option called take a second look.”
  • unfocused market
  • Only use and maintenance can give meaning to space
  • The business behavior of not working together to make a big plate is definitely flawed
  • Focus and focus are always scarce
  • Memory Material 1/1 | Quixotic , Oh, Memory Transfer, Practical Memorial
  • NFT is a bit interesting, is written
  • Why the wind and rain are silent
  • “Adyen is a payments company in the Netherlands that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile and point-of-sale payments.”
  • “Mercado Libre, or Mecado, Free Market, is an Argentine online mall listed in the United States. In 2016, its Latin American users reached 174.2 million, making it the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America.”
  • “Infosys, Infosys is an information technology multinational company headquartered in Bangalore, India. In 2017, Infosys was the second largest IT company in India after Tata Information Services,”
  • “LIC, Life Insurance Corporation, Life Insurance Corporation of India is a statutory insurance and investment company in India, headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is owned by the Government of India.”
  • The bus card needs to be upgraded
  • The bus is ok…
  • What a hard day for Nima
  • The essence of survival for middle-aged people is: don’t take the blame


  • Everything is just like a farewell

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