Wine is strong and cowardly, but also soft and strong knees

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△ 172|Wine is strong and cowardly, but also soft and strong knees

There was a news a few days ago, but because there have been so many things that happened recently, this news did not become an “interesting story” in the eyes of most people. After seeing it, I saved it into the material library, which is quite interesting. In general, this news was summed up by me into ten words of the title.

The news basically said that a drinking buddy knelt down to the doctor and nurse in the hospital, hoping that the doctor would do his best to rescue another drinking buddy who was sent to the hospital. No matter how much compliment he had on the wine table just now, at this time he knelt on the ground like a coward and begged for worship. Because he suddenly realized that if this drinking friend who was persuaded and drunk by himself died suddenly, he would lose his family and fortune. The wealth and interpersonal relationships that he boasted about at the drinking table couldn’t help him at this moment. .

Chinese wine table culture has always been a very extreme existence. Like and follow, respect and care about it very much. As long as the glass of others is a few millimeters higher than theirs, they will feel humiliated; but those who hate and don’t care define these table culture as “vices”, which is not only disrespectful, but also forms an antagonistic situation. By the way, those who admire the culture of the wine table are classified as fools.

Because the university is in the north, it can be said that there is a lot of emphasis on wine table culture. Therefore, for a long time, when organizing a dinner party, it is necessary to confirm with the inviter or invitee important information such as “whether to drink” and “with whom to drink”. If it is your own dinner and you are worried that others will not come, you must make it clear that “no drinking tonight”.

Because drinking has become something that many people complained about – it’s not that they don’t like drinking, but that there are a lot of rules for drinking a drink, how many toasts, how low the rim should be, and who should go first Start toasting, how to return to drinking after toasting – if you don’t pay attention, it will stimulate the group of people who regard wine table culture as an indicator of respect, and maybe they will form a relationship with others just because of drinking. This kind of pressure is not only troublesome to drink, but also what to drink, how to drink it when toasting, and what actions to do after drinking to show respect for the toaster.

However, drinking itself has certain risks. Some people get drunk and others get hurt, and maybe some people die. Although at the wine table, everyone is brothers and sisters, but once someone is injured and dies, that brother will become the plaintiff and the defendant. When I was in college, the act of persuading people to drink alcohol also became a very important tort liability issue in the law. But that is the beginning of that year, there is another new trick at the wine table to pretend to force people to think of the sacredness of the wine table culture – that is, everyone signs a “voluntary drinking agreement” before drinking. Although this may sound nonsense, it is the truth. But unfortunately, the “autonomy of will” at this time is completely unable to oppose the original legal rules. No matter how hard this group of bragging and arrogant people emphasize that they are brothers who advance and retreat together, when it comes time to settle accounts, the brothers can be more clearly calculated than anyone else.

Obviously, I’m not a person who likes wine table culture, because I can’t remember these rules and regulations, and I don’t feel that drinking a drink is also orderly. So whenever there is a wine bureau at home, I will never abide by it. Especially when there are “VIPs” at home, I don’t even respect alcohol. At a dinner last time, my relatives insisted on drinking with me, so I politely declined, saying that I drove the car myself. He seemed to have guessed that I would use this method to refuse to drink, so he suggested that he could be called a chauffeur. Seeing that he was ignorant, I continued to see tricks and tricks – I am allergic to alcohol. Apparently the other party often heard this “excuse”, so he asked me to show the hospital report to prove that I was indeed allergic to alcohol, otherwise my behavior of making excuses not to drink would be disrespectful to him as an elder. I also found it fun, so I climbed along the pole – I will send you the report on WeChat tomorrow. Seeing that I was still ignorant, the other party changed his face. After all, I lost his face. Seeing him a little unhappy, I simply added fuel to the fire – I have to go to work in the afternoon, so I can’t drink. Seeing that I still have an “excuse”, he was completely ashamed – what work do you work, what company do you have, and you have to work on big weekends. Seeing that he turned on my pole, I learned the way I pretended to be at the wine table and replied – my own company. Seeing that my pretence succeeded, of course he didn’t give this face, and returned to the matter of drinking – if it is his own company, it doesn’t matter if you drink. When I saw that he was really annoying, I dropped an excuse that he had probably never heard before – I’m studying the Fa, don’t drink me.

It’s a pity that he was not so provoked by me that he smashed me with a wine bottle on the spot, otherwise he would still be able to swindle money on other people’s sites.

The fun of the wine table culture is that once you accept the other party’s rules, you must drink the glass of respect. As long as you refuse to abide by it, or show that you don’t understand the rules at all, even if the other party wants to teach you, you have to show that you can’t learn and break the rules. No matter how bad it is, say that you have studied law – this combination of punches will definitely anger the opponent, so it is also extremely dangerous in itself.

Originally, I wanted to end here with “methodology” to teach everyone how to destroy the “wine table culture” that others follow. But after thinking about it carefully, maybe there will be people who practice the “wine table culture” who insisted on not being humiliated and walked here. If the methodology is known to them, maybe they will find them. Coping.

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