Toots 2022 Jun.5 – Jun.11

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  • Difficult to assimilate and translate other cultures
  • Understand the new normal
  • Input method with too high error tolerance rate (too smart), resulting in chaotic input rhythm and key deviation
  • When you wake up, you can sleep


  • The technical side and the application side should be layered/division of labor. The core reason is that the focus is limited


  • Nucleic acid four times a day
  • Uncertainty leads to more waste
  • “This process needs to be carried out on a PCR amplicon. Once it starts, it cannot be stopped. The whole process takes 1-2 hours.”
  • Elimination of fathers
  • Miss the taste of the countryside


  • too accustomed to weight bearing
  • haha
  • Pre-set standards, which are met in guesswork
  • Create a win-win trading environment
  • “Beijing People’s Art Theatre issued a document claiming that performance artist Lan Lanye passed away at home”
  • The plight of immigrants
  • getting old


  • ring
  • the name of the sea
  • Water has no memory?
  • Look at the clouds and wait for the rain to find me
  • In line with interaction habits, design new efficient operations
  • Collaborationism, Solo Devotionism


  • beach fool
  • “The global film, animation and other cultural industries are trying to introduce NFTs, especially large IPs such as Marvel, Three-Body Problem, Ultraman, etc. have been at the forefront of integrating with NFTs. In some countries, before a movie is released, a movie is released first. A set of NFTs has become a basic operation and even gradually become a practice. Although no set of film and television NFTs has successfully entered the public eye, almost all influential film and television institutions are currently deploying in this field.”
  • “Japanese companies usually operate in the form of temporary workers, that is, outsourcing, which leads to layer-by-layer outsourcing of technology, rather than forming a precipitation within the company. Moreover, R&D does not adapt to agile development, but adopts the business promotion method of the industrial age. , resulting in extremely low development efficiency and slow iteration.”
  • Thousands of choices emerge, all wrong


  • “But gratuitous bullying will not be tolerated”
  • raw memory

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