trembling, walking on thin ice

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After the Tangshan beating case was exposed, everyone was very angry. A host named Yuan Chengjie posted this on Weibo:

Unexpectedly, the second sentence attracted the siege of the mob, saying that these girls are eating barbecue in a normal barbecue restaurant, how should they pay attention to safety? I believe that Yuan Chengjie was completely kind when he posted this Weibo. Could it be that the family members of these netizens told them to pay attention to safety when they went out? I really do not understand.

I went to see Yuan Chengjie’s Weibo today, and I have deleted this Weibo and the follow-up Weibo about the Tangshan incident. I believe he will never express his feelings, opinions, and attitudes easily again. In addition to the suppression from above, the masses are not without problems, right? Influential people don’t dare to speak up again, so what else will happen next time, who else will speak up for the leeks?

The most influential thing this month should be the 64 incident. And it actually happened. Li Jiaqi, the top streamer with goods, actually made an ice cream in the shape of a tank in the live broadcast room, which was immediately blocked and has not been released until today. Sealing Li Jiaqi fell into a paradox, not sealing, what if he really insinuated? It was blocked, and someone must have asked why it was blocked. I don’t think Li Jiaqi did it intentionally, so this proves another sentence: “Only if you insult China, you can never insult China.” In addition to posting remarks, you have to be careful when you pose on the Internet.

Many years ago, I was also attacked by the Internet because I posted a sentence on the school intranet (later renamed Renren, which should be considered closed now), and was interviewed by the provincial government. It is said that the American media will come to visit. I was rejected by the school. Still, sometimes I can’t keep my mouth shut. It’s really uncomfortable to hold back. I have been using Twitter a lot recently. The interesting thing about Twitter is that although there are a lot of idiots on it (pink thieves all have idiots), there are also many normal people. If normal people need to speak with trembling and walking on thin ice, then the content produced by normal people will be gone. Maybe this is the Chinese way of “be careful with words and deeds”?

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