TSMC president warns: Low-end chip shortage is hitting the entire supply chain


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 30. On August 30, local time, TSMC President Wei Zhejia warned that the current general shortage of chips worth 50 cents to $10 is hindering the development of the $600 billion semiconductor industry.    Bloomberg quoted Wei Zhejia as saying at the 2022 TSMC Technology Forum on Tuesday that the continued shortage of these low-end chips has hindered production in some key areas of the supply chain. He said it was difficult for ASML in the Netherlands to obtain the $10 chips used in EUV lithography machines. TSMC has dozens of these devices, which are critical to delivering more power on a smaller silicon die. The 50-cent radio chip is holding back the production of a $50,000 car, he said. Currently, TSMC's existing factories cannot meet demand for low-end chips, and the company is building new factories, suggesting that even mature chips could cost more in the coming months, he said.    Nvidia has also said that a shortage of low-end chips has prevented it from getting equipment to support chip production, such as power converters and transceivers, and that this is related to whether it can produce more data center products.

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