TSMC’s 2nm process plans to mass produce in 2025

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Pinwan, June 20th, at the recently held TSMC North America Technology Forum, TSMC officially announced the future advanced process roadmap. Among them, TSMC’s 3nm (N3) process will be mass-produced in 2022, while TSMC’s first 2nm (N2) process using the nanosheet transistor (GAAFET) architecture will be mass-produced in 2025.

TSMC said that the 2nm process will be based on a new nanosheet transistor architecture, which is completely different from the fin field effect transistor (FinFET) used in the 5nm process, and will bring stronger performance and better energy efficiency, but the required Investments will also be greater. The person in charge of Samsung’s foundry business has also said that they are promoting the mass production of the 2nm process technology in the second half of 2025 as planned.

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