Xingyuanzhe Technology completed nearly 40 million US dollars in B+ round of financing

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 Titanium Media App reported on June 20 that XYZ Robotics completed a B+ round of financing of nearly US$40 million, led by Capital Today, with participation from Gaorong Capital, Wuyuan Capital, and Source Code Capital. Xingyuanzhe Technology has accumulated more than 100 million US dollars in financing.  It is reported that since its establishment in June 2018, Xingyuanzhe Technology has always focused on providing industrial 3D vision products (including teaching-free motion planning functions), logistics picking and depalletizing workstations for logistics and manufacturing customers. Based on the three major technical advantages of 3D vision algorithm and sensor design, motion planning algorithm, and code-free easy-to-use interface, the team continuously polishes and iterates the robot "hand-eye coordination technology" in scene practice, enabling system integrators to provide users with more intelligent robots products that truly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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