Turning point 2216|Knee and ankle braces should not be used casually

Looking back at the photos from this week’s run, the sky is no longer grey.

The continuous appearance of blue sky and white clouds means that the rainy season is gradually receding, and Seattle has entered the stage of good weather of the year. Of course, this means the climate will become less rainy and drier. If the lawn of each family is not irrigated, it will start to turn yellow… This high inflation, the yellow will be yellow.

Forget it, back to running.

People who are just starting to run may feel that their breathing system is challenged at first, or their muscles start to sore. But these generally pass quickly.

After the past, people will feel good, can not help but run up the volume, increase the speed. The common problem after this is that the joints start to give the body warning signs: usually the ankles and knees are the first to experience discomfort and even pain.

Naturally, people will think of using some protective products for these parts, such as various knee and ankle braces.

However, protective gear such as ankle braces and knee braces should not be used casually.

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