Turning Point 2234|Prepare to hit a personal best in the charity run

Original link:https://conge.github.io/2022/08/30/ReturnPoist-FCS-PB-run/

Last week, I published an article announcing that I would participate in the 2022 FCS Foundation’s 3rd Online Fun Run , initiated by the FCS Foundation to raise funds for the FCS Foundation. All proceeds from this competition will be donated to the FCS Foundation for its public welfare projects and daily operations.

After the article was published, it was supported, forwarded and donated by many friends. As of today, I have received 5 donations, many retweets, and a few ran who said they would accompany the run on September 18th.

So many good people, thank you so much.

I think, in order to express my gratitude to everyone, I will do my best to finish the game. I am going to hit my PB, which is the Personal Best, in this competition.

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