U.S. judge orders a hearing in Musk’s acquisition of Twitter from October 17 to 21

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Pinwan, July 29, according to Sina Technology, citing Bloomberg News, a Delaware judge announced today that Twitter will be suing Tesla CEO Elon Musk from October 17 to 21. a case.

On April 26 this year, Musk and Twitter reached an acquisition agreement. Musk will acquire Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, with a total transaction value of about $44 billion.

But on July 9, Musk announced that it was terminating the deal, citing Twitter’s serious breaches of multiple terms of the agreement, including the issue of fake accounts.

On July 13, Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk, demanding that Musk continue to execute the acquisition agreement. Twitter wants the court to hear the case quickly in September.

On July 20, a judge ruled that the case would be heard in October this year and is expected to last five days.

On July 26, Musk’s legal team said there was no “valid reason” for Twitter to ask the case to be heard on October 10. Meanwhile, Musk asked the court to hear the case from October 17 to 21.

On July 28, Twitter responded that it did not object to Musk’s proposal to “start the case on October 17,” but that Twitter wanted a commitment to “complete the trial within five days.”

Today, a Delaware judge announced that the case will be heard from October 17-21.

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