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Recently, the frequent hot events have made me realize the unpredictability of people’s hearts more and more.

The world’s people, the starting point is nothing more than public and private.

There are altruistic people, but they are rare, and often only about one thing—and the probability of a bad outcome is often very small.

It is an affront to their admirable personalities to criticize the fair-minded here, so it is only selfishness.

Selfishness often comes into play when one’s own interests are violated.

There are generally two types: one is when one’s own material interests are invaded; the other is triggered when one’s own views and thoughts are violated, such as moral kidnapping.

Let’s talk about the invasion of one’s own material interests.

Material interests are not only money, but also time, activity space, and various resources.

Urban resources are often limited. When the population of a city exceeds a reasonable range, a considerable number of people will trigger such selfishness, such as public transportation congestion, lack of educational resources, skyrocketing housing prices, and people’s grievances will be hit to vested interests Or the distribution of these resources.

Another part is to “take a different approach”, which is often a moral kidnapping after one’s own interests are violated.

For example, when doing nucleic acid testing during the epidemic, as soon as it is discovered that there are a lot of people, some people are selfish, and they are obviously worried that they have to queue up, but they criticize: so many people squeeze together to do nucleic acid, what if there is sunshine?

Or during the epidemic, the prevention area can be active in the community. During the day, children run and play downstairs. The sound makes some people noisy. Some people will not say that they are too noisy, but say that children get together to play. The epidemic is so Seriously, what should I do if I get infected?

The list goes on and on.

Let’s talk about selfishness in ideas.

Selfishness arising from the encroachment of one’s own interests is human nature, but selfishness in ideological concepts is unreasonable.

Generally, there are two kinds of selfishness: I am a selfless person, so you must be selfless; you don’t care if I am a selfless person, but you must be selfless.

Both of these requirements are often not very comfortable.

When disaster strikes, I donate money, so you should donate too;

When the disaster happened, I didn’t donate money, but A donated 4,000 yuan. Why did you only donate 2,000 yuan?

These two examples are probably two of the more common situations when selfishness is at work.

However, people are unpredictable and often cannot be summed up in language.

But there are probably two percentage progress bars, one is public and the other is selfish.

When people are processing transactions, the values ​​on the two progress bars begin to change, and the two exist at the same time and compete with each other.

If they are all 0, then I am afraid that it will only exist after the death of life.

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