Unrestrained adventure in the Western Regions, the mobile version of “Tribe and Scimitar” is on sale

The domestic sandbox RPG game “Tribe and Scimitar” developed by Xinxin Agency and Hanjia Squirrel officially landed on the mobile platform today. The price is 25 yuan, 18 yuan after the first discount. The game is currently available on the TapTap platform and App
Store available. Steam has also opened a 40% discount at the same time. The game will be a complete port of the PC version, with no in-app purchases.

Unfettered western adventure

The mobile version of Tribes and the Scimitar is ported from the PC version. It tells an adventurous story that takes place in an overhead “Western Region”. In the story, players can choose to play the initial occupation provided by dozens of games, or they can design an original image and step into this desert full of opportunities and dangers as their own.


At the beginning of the game, a variety of optional occupations are provided

As an RPG game with a “sandbox” attribute, “Tribe and Scimitar” gives players full freedom in the game system: players can choose to join the tribe, or create their own forces to unify the entire desert; Search for treasures in the ruins of the old dynasties and discover the secrets buried under the yellow sand; you can also travel around the world, visit famous hermits, and learn all kinds of long-lost unique skills.


Behind every NPC has its own story

In addition to the unrestrained gameplay, the development team “Hanjia Squirrel” also designed a complex relationship network for the NPCs living on this continent. Every action of the player in the game will affect the favorability between them, which in turn will have an immeasurable impact on the balance of power in the game-with the continuous change of time, there will be changes in power in the game, or various A random event that allows players to experience a completely different gaming experience every time they open Tribe and Scimitar.


Fragmentation time

more fulfilling

“Tribe and Scimitar”, which came to the mobile platform, has made certain adjustments in UI layout and other aspects, but the content is still guaranteed to be full of “original flavors”. The content contained in it is enough to support the player’s game experience of nearly 100 hours in multiple weeks, and the production team will also regularly transfer popular MODs from the PC platform to the mobile version according to the number of subscriptions.

Even without the “Creative Workshop” system on the PC platform, the mobile version of “Tribe and Scimitar” can still maintain sufficient and lasting content support for the game through subsequent updates.


Experience massive siege battles on your phone screen

“Tribe and Scimitar” has a very heavy main story, but the Han family squirrel did not develop according to the traditional RPG “guided by the main story” narrative experience, but adopted a “stepped” design idea – in In the game, players are not bound by the main story, but can freely choose the current gameplay and try the content that interests them the most. Only when the player reaches a certain strength requirement in the adventure, “Tribe and the Scimitar” will start the follow-up plot, leading the player to gradually penetrate into the core of the story.


More secrets in the desert will be revealed one by one with the deepening of the plot

For mobile phone players who focus on “fragmented time”, “Tribe and the Scimitar” divides the main story into “paragraphs”, supplemented by hundreds of sidelines and random tasks that are not long. Players can experience the unique charm brought by sandbox RPG through tens of minutes to hours of game time every time, and truly achieve “affordable and put down” anytime, anywhere.

The mobile version of “Tribe and Scimitar” developed based on the PC version will adopt a buyout system and will not include in-app purchase elements. Currently logged in TapTap and App Store, if you are a fan of “sandbox RPG” games, then this mobile version of “Tribe and Scimitar” will once again bring you a unique journey to the desert.

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