Use ApplePay for UnionPay credit card repayment in mainland China + support UnionPay international debit card

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使用ApplePay 进行中国大陆银联信用卡还款+支持银联国际借记卡


In some environments, iOS/iPhone users can see the ApplePay option when using UnionPay QuickPass for credit card repayment

This limit is related to the credit card issuing bank, the repayment amount, and the number of repayments.

I tested 5 banks with my group friend, Uncle Bill, and summarized the operation process and experience

AP repayment support environment test

China Guangfa Bank (I tested it myself): In one cycle/month, the ApplePay button disappears after 3 mainland debit card + 1 Hong Kong debit card repayment. The amount required for normal appearance is more than 2000CNY (not included)

Postal Savings Bank (I tested it myself): I tried multiple amounts, but the button was not displayed successfully in the end

AgBank (Uncle Bill test): no success showing button

Industrial Bank (Uncle Bill’s test): After a few tries, it works, and there is no limit on the amount

China Merchants Bank (Uncle Bill test): The ApplePay button disappeared after trying to repay the Hong Kong debit card once. Normal appearance requires an amount starting from 3000CNY

AP Repayment Fees and Bill Reflection

Credit cards are not supported, non-UnionPay cards are not supported, only UnionPay debit cards may be used, prepaid cards and stored-value cards may not work

JD QuickPass is supported, but its Matryoshka credit card is not supported. (Note that the type 2 card will occupy the second type card quota of 20w per day for 1w years because it is a consumption, and the same is true for others)


I use JD QuickPass Matryoshka Bank of China mainland debit card, it shows as POS consumption, and the merchant is “(Special) Jingdong Pay-Guangfa Credit Card Repayment (Shenzhen)” The cloud QuickPass App shows: the acquirer is Internet Banking Online ( Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is classified as department store daily necessities-supermarket, and the transaction category is consumption.

The payment card number will be displayed as “Payment Tokenization System” when inquiring about UnionPay QuickPass.


Free when using Mainland China cards.

Bank of China Hong Kong UnionPay debit card is supported. When 4800CNY is repaid, the consumption is 4800CNH (offshore RMB), and there is no extra charge for UnionPay and AP.

The payment card number is displayed as “UnionPay International Payment Tokenization System” when inquiring about UnionPay QuickPass


In the App of China Guangfa Bank, the display effect before and after the account is shown in the figure (the display of the mainland card and the international card is the same)


Initiate an ApplePay credit card repayment

At present, the reproduction is not very stable. It is known that the system environment of iPhoneX+ and iOS 15.5+ can be

Then the credit card issuing bank, the amount and the number of times are displayed, please refer to the actual situation, it is estimated that it will hover around 1-5K

The number of times and other restrictions are not very clear at present. It may be a limit set by the bank itself. After all, this has a handling fee (UnionPay is reversed)


Remarks for Repayment Using UnionPay International Card ApplePay

Today, I also borrowed the UnionPay international debit card of Bank of China Hong Kong from the group of friends for repayment. To bind applepay, I need the card number validity period name security code + SMS verification code. There is no difference between the payment process and the standard process. Pay attention to the bank limit. His card is The limit is 5000.

Then the repayment is deducted in the same amount of CNH, CHN is offshore RMB, in today’s example, it is slightly higher than the value of CNY

Bank of China RMB settlement to USD (spot exchange purchase price) is now 6.7039

Goolge Chinese Yuan to USD is 6.7168

Mastercard spends RMB 6.7100 in USD

Revolut exchange rate is 6.7069

WISE exchange rate is 6.71665

UnionPay exchange rate is 6.7147

At this time, the exchange rate of Bank of China Hong Kong is 1USD-“6.7163 CNY/6.7086 CNH

There will be a slight loss, but the impact is small.

Supported UnionPay International Cards

If you want to use it, you need, 1, support applepay, 2, is a UnionPay card, 3, is a debit card

According to Apple’s official website data , it can be seen that the basically available ones may be mainly from Hong Kong (Singapore does not even see a UnionPay)

According to UnionPay International data , you can also find UnionPay card issuing banks

Among them, there are UnionPay debit cards that support applepay in Hong Kong (*Tap & Live Rewards/TAP&GO/HKT Payment are stored-value cards, I don’t know if it works)

  • Bank of China
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • HSBC

However, there may also be other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

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