Use Tik Tok on iPhone without removing the card

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This tutorial does not require plugging and unplugging the mobile phone card, no need to capture packets, and no need to modify the configuration of the small rocket to use Tik Tok normally. Before starting, open your computer and download the following three applications:

  1. Download Tiktok for iPhone: tiktok.ipa
  2. Sideloadly self-signed installer download:
  3. iTunes (Search by yourself)

Tutorial starts:

  1. Install the corresponding version of iTunes. After the installation is complete, just open the application and minimize it, it will no longer be used.
  2. Install the downloaded Sideloadly and open the following page:


1). Use a data cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. For the first connection, you need to click信任设备on the iPhone.
2). Fill in the Apple ID of your iPhone in the Apple account, drag the tiktok.ipa you just downloaded to the upper left IPA icon in Sideloadly, and click Start .
3). At this point, a verification box will pop up, just enter the Apple ID password. For two-factor verification accounts, you need to pop up the verification code on the mobile phone for secondary verification.如果你的Apple ID 是纯手机号码,需要加上地区代码, such as + 86 188 8888 8888 , then the Apple ID is 8618888888888, not +.
4). If the following information is displayed, the installation is complete. Take a look at the APP on your mobile phone. Be careful,不要提前自己安装官方版本.


5). Now opening Tik Tok will prompt you not to be trusted, just前往设置" VPN 与设备管理"处,信任这个你名为Apple ID 的开发者即可.



6). Now open Tik Tok and you can use it normally. Of course, science is necessary.点击个人主页-右上角三条杠-设置与隐私-右上角设置规则,可以一键切换你想看的国家和地区.

It is worth noting that the application signature of this method is only valid for 7 days. 7 天后需要再次连接电脑,点一下Start 即可uninstall the application and reinstall it.

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