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On Monday night, I would like to share a heartwarming picture with you. In the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, Oscar Juarez, an orthopedic surgeon, used 3D printing technology to provide free prosthetics to local children from low-income families, a 4-year-old girl Monserrath Montanez happily raises her new Spider-Woman-designed arm and gives the Physician a high five ( click here for full gallery) 🦾 )


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The results of the second round of elections for the Assemblée nationale, the lower house of the French parliament, were announced. The centrist ruling coalition Ensemble, led by President Emmanuel Macron, failed to hold more than half of the seats. The People’s Union for the People’s Republic of China (NUPES) has become the second largest force in Congress, while the far-right National League (RN) has won the largest number of seats in history.

Macron, who has just been re-elected, will inevitably face constraints from the left and the right in his subsequent governance. The French media used headlines such as “slap in the face” or “earthquake” to express the defeat of the Macron government, and they also expressed concerns about the future political impasse and governance crisis.

[Extended reading] The textbook of “whitewashing” of the far-right election queen Le Pen

out of gender

After transgender swimmer Lia Thomas won the gold medal in the NCAA women’s swimming event in the United States, the controversy over the participation of transgender athletes in women’s events continued. “Transgender swimmers will not be allowed to compete in elite-level women’s swimming events, unless gender transition begins at the onset of puberty or before age 12, whichever occurs later, and those receiving drug therapy to suppress testosterone production will be allowed to compete.

FINA’s new policy is one of the strictest rules in the sports industry that restricts transgender people from participating in events, and said that in order to take into account fairness and athlete rights, it hopes to set up an “open group” event for ineligible transgender players in the future. Scientists believe that the physical gap between men and women becomes more pronounced after puberty, and even after accepting gender transitions, physical advantages can still be maintained. However, LGBTQ critics have criticized the new regulations as a repeat of “separation but equality”, which may trigger a chain effect of other sports associations.

[Transgender Athlete Controversy] On the runway, who is the standard woman?


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I can’t be the only one who knows

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the 17th approved emergency use authorization for infants and young children to be vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, which can be administered as long as 6 months old, the CDC consulted experts On the 18th, the green light was given to infants and young children to administer the aforementioned vaccines, and the vaccine administration can start as soon as this week.

The FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old in October last year, and this time it approved the Moderna vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years old (2 doses, at least 4 weeks apart), 6 months to 4 Young children can also receive the Pfizer vaccine (in 3 doses; the first 2 doses are 3 weeks apart and the third dose at least 8 weeks apart).

There are about 20 million infants and young children in this age group in the United States. According to the CDC data, more than 400 children aged 0 to 4 have died of COVID-19 in the United States, ranking the fifth leading cause of death. It is believed that vaccines can prevent death. Severely hospitalized.

Quote of the Day

“Breastfeeding can only be done by women, but anyone can pick up a bottle, kiss a bruised knee, read a book or set an example.”

—Alexander Patico, 75, from Columbia, Maryland

As a stay-at-home dad of 14 years, I’m constantly getting comments on what to do with a “real man”…I can bake a lemon tart, and I can build a balcony, neither of which has anything to do with my masculinity – whenever my When my teenage daughter came home from school and wanted to talk to me about her day, I knew exactly what masculinity meant to me: it meant being around my family every day.

—Shannon Carpenter, 47, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

There is no single way to “become a man”. However, all approaches should include expressing your emotions, admitting your mistakes, respecting others (especially women), asking for forgiveness; if you have children, tell and show that you love them.

—Rob Williams, 37, of Saint Paul, Minnesota

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 19th (third Sunday in June) in many countries. How are today’s dads different from their own? How do they feel about the changing definition of “masculinity”? What kind of man do you want your next generation to be?

The Washington Post invites Dad readers to reflect on the above questions , and select a few wise responses. Readers are welcome to write back and share your views with us! ✉


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