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At the United Nations headquarters in New York, the United States is currently holding an exhibition called “What Were You Wearing?”, which showcases 103 items of clothing worn by survivors of sexual assault, including a baby diaper.

Whenever a sexual assault case occurs, it is often accompanied by common reactions such as “Are you drunk?” and “Are you laughing?” The clothing of the person involved is often the object of attribution. Amanda Nguyễn, founder of the civil rights organization Rise, who co-sponsored the exhibition, and who is also a survivor of sexual assault, pointed out that the key is that the audience simply cannot tell which clothes really belong to the victims, which is the implicit condemnation of the victims in these questions. Best rebuttal.

The exhibition comes as the United Nations unanimously approved a new resolution proposed by Lion Rock to provide justice for survivors of sexual assault around the world and to make sexual violence a permanent theme of the UN General Assembly’s annual agenda.

“What were you wearing?”

What sexual assault survivors were wearing at the time of their attack is irrelevant.

A powerful exhibit by @RiseNowUS & @GlobalSpotlight at UNHQ seeks to remove some of the stigma & blame survivors often face.

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Global Hotspot

A Saudi court has sentenced 34-year-old Salma al-Shehab to 34 years in prison for “spreading rumours” and “assisting dissidents to disturb public order” for her Twitter activities. The 34-year travel ban after being released from prison is the latest example of Saudi authorities’ crackdown on human rights.

Seeha, a mother of two who was studying for a doctorate at the University of Leeds in the UK, was arrested in January last year while returning from a school holiday. Before that, she often tweeted calling for reforms on human rights issues in Saudi Arabia and supporting arrested women’s rights activists, but now she has become “the longest jailed activist” in the words of human rights groups. Hundreds of Saudi women are believed to have been detained at the time of her arrest. The U.S. State Department said it was studying the case and that “exercising free speech to advocate for women’s rights should not be criminalized.”

[Extended reading] She is the fiancee of a dissident journalist, and she embarks on a journey of human rights struggle for him

out of gender

Scotland is the first in the world to legislate to provide women’s physiological products for free, which has received international acclaim. However, Tay Cities, near the capital Edinburgh, has decided to appoint a man as a local “menstrual dignity officer”, which has sparked public criticism.

According to a press release issued by the local authority, the Menstrual Dignity Officer’s responsibilities include planning campaigns, raising community awareness of the new law, and ensuring that government funds are allocated appropriately. Grant (Jason Grant) hopes to use himself to prove that menstruation is not just a women’s issue, so as to promote dialogue between all genders.

Retired women’s online legend Martina Navratilova denounced the appointment on Twitter as “his ridiculous”: “Are we trying to explain to men how to shave or take care of the prostate?!” Attorney Proudman ( Charlotte Proudman bluntly: “I’m all for men, but it’s up to women to lead our experience.”


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I can’t just see

Venice, Italy attracts countless tourists, but it is not uncommon for tourists to perform out of order here – swimming in the canals, taking nude photos at the war monument… Even if the aforementioned case is exaggerated enough, two tourists decided to visit Venice on the 17th. The main water channel, the world-famous Canal Grande surfing, is still jaw-dropping and irritating mayor Luigi Brugnaro.

Brugnaro angrily blasted “two arrogant idiots mocking the city” on Twitter, and threatened to invite those who identify the two to get a free dinner – although it is not known whether the “mayor’s meal” trick will work, the two The surfers were subsequently caught, each was fined 1,500 euros for endangering the navigation of the canal, and were immediately expelled from Venice. Surfboards worth a total of about 25,000 euros (about NT$762,000) were also confiscated. The two were sued for “damaging the city’s image.”

Quote of the Day

“Sake Viva!” 🍶

Affected by the aging population and declining birthrate, the Japanese alcohol market has been shrinking. During the epidemic, the “new normal” of reducing banquets and gatherings has also made alcoholic beverages fall out of favor. The average alcohol consumption per person per year has dropped from 100 liters in 1995 to 75 liters in 2020. , The proportion of alcohol tax has fallen from 5% in 1980 to 1.7%.

To this end, the Japanese National Tax Agency has decided to hold a competition called “Sake Long Live” to collect ideas from young people aged 20 to 39 across the country that can attract young people to drink more alcohol and boost the development of the wine industry. Branding, and even novel proposals to combine artificial intelligence and the Metaverse, but the controversial practice of the government taking the lead in promoting drinking has also sparked a lot of criticism.

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