Watching “Shouting Mountain”

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After watching it, I was very impressed.

Victim’s aphasia

The heroine from a privileged family was kidnapped when she was young, sold to a man who beat his wife to death, and was forbidden to speak, so she became mute. If she can’t write, all the suffering she endures can’t be put into words. In that era, there were not a few women who could not write.

So, what about before the founding of the People’s Republic of China or even earlier? How do illiterate people express their experiences? How many things have been buried in the long years? The history written by the victors will at least leave some ink for the losers to show their merits, but those groups who cannot speak are buried in time, as if they never existed.

Legal restrictions on victim self-help and revenge

Criminals are not stingy with violence in order to cover up their crimes. Victims are hampered by legal costs when they save themselves or take revenge. The existence of the law binds the victim. If there is no law, although women who are bought, sold and raped are at a disadvantage, only those who have been thieves for thousands of days, and not those who can prevent thieves for thousands of days, will always find an opportunity to kill them after a long time.

Strength is relative, and the trend of strength and weakness can also be converted. If the law can be more tolerant of the weak’s self-rescue and revenge, I think the wrath of ordinary people will make the so-called “strong” have more respect for people. God knows what you did.

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