We tried our best to evaluate 3 of the most trendy “rolling iron” methods, and the results were unexpected

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In 2019, when Nintendo’s “Ring Fitness Adventure” was just launched, we did a series of tests around fitness games to help everyone verify the value of somatosensory fitness, which is useful but still cannot replace traditional gyms.


The time comes to 2022, “follow Liu Genghong to smash the oil” has become a new craze for national sports; wearing VR to join the Metaverse fitness is popular abroad; Nintendo offers “Cyber ​​Fitness” another masterpiece Nintendo Switch Sports , which reminds Nintendo players Those days of being “dominated” by fitness rings.

When my colleagues saw these “Cyber ​​Fitness Projects”, the new topics in their minds gradually took shape, and they made a proposal: Why don’t we help you test these sports in person.

So (pretending) to love sports, I became a “tool man” and started this challenge on Monday.

In order to test the most realistic effect, we set a rule: perform each exercise for 30 minutes, reserve time for rest and recovery, and warm up before each exercise. During this period, I wear an Apple Watch and use it to measure the exercise. various indicators.

Because wearable devices have errors in calorie monitoring, we focus on real-time heart rate changes, which can help us determine the intensity between the three sports.

Being in the metaverse doesn’t prevent my body from sweating profusely

The thought of doing three 90-minute workouts in one day was terrifying, but on the day of the test, my body adapted quickly.

The first thing I faced was a 30-minute boxing workout ( Les Mills Bodycombat ) with Coach Les Mills wearing a VR headset.

Lemmy Kickboxing classes are very diverse, with a single class of no more than 30 minutes, and the intensity of the class is divided into three levels.

After the warm-up, I chose the Full Force Samsung course with a duration of nearly 26 minutes, which means that the intensity is extremely high, and I personally feel that it is equivalent to the K4-K5 course in Keep .

At the beginning, follow the coach in the video to warm up for a minute and a half and go straight to the topic.

At first, it was a simple alternate straight punch, and later the uppercut and swing were added. The mixture was not so monotonous. Electronic music was playing in the background as the background. The coach was telling the action skills while cheering for the user. , The words are constantly outputting like a tubercle. The movements are not difficult at the beginning, and they belong to the warm-up stage. I feel that their mouths open and close their mouths consume more calories than me.

After six minutes, actions such as squats, avoiding obstacles sideways, and raising knees begin to activate large muscle groups such as legs, buttocks, and waist, and burn fat more efficiently.

Movements of this intensity accounted for nearly 70% of the course.

It can also be seen from the heart rate dot matrix that in 2/3 of the time, my heart rate was maintained at a level above 140, in the range of aerobic exercise. In the end, in less than 32 minutes, a total of 299 calories were consumed. Card, comparable to the efficiency of a spinning bike at moderate pace.

The moment I took off the VR headset, I realized the transition from “tropical rainforest to subtropical plateau monsoon climate” within a second. The silicone sleeve of the headset was full of sweat, which is also the biggest disadvantage of VR fitness. The accumulated heat inside some headsets will also fog the lenses, affecting the look and feel.

So I remembered the first time I used VR to jump through two Lemmy fighting classes, I was sweating and dripping, but I didn’t expect that the most tired thing on the second day was not my limbs, but my neck. , because the headset is too heavy, the weight of the headset itself is 500 grams, plus the third-party modified headset accessories I bought to increase the comfort, it is equivalent to adding a weight of a pound and a half to the neck, can you not get tired What?

▲ While exercising, I occasionally have to straighten the headset with my hands

In addition, every time the movement range is large, I have to re-adjust the position of the headset, which is quite troublesome to go back and forth. In general, the biggest advantage of VR fitness is that it is extremely immersive, and you can get positive feedback from the coach and audio-visual screen throughout the whole process. As long as you have enough physical fitness, it is not difficult to follow the whole process.

There are not many types of movements, and it is basically an alternate mix of straight punches, swing punches, uppercuts, deep squats, knee raises, and lower hammers. Between -150 and not too tired, it is one of the good ways to “happy fitness”.

Of course, just practicing Lemmy Kickboxing can only help me burn fat and show my body lines. If I want to highlight my muscles, I have to lift irons to achieve it.

For those who haven’t been able to go to the gym, my suggestion is to buy a pair of adjustable weight dumbbells at home, pump about an hour a day, and freely allocate the time for weightlifting and aerobics. The most important thing is to persevere. , Even at home, you can complete the sculptural transformation of the body.

NS Sports is the game, followed by the sports game

As the spiritual sequel to Wii Sports , a family-friendly somatosensory sports game in the Wii era, NS Sports is destined not to be too exercise-oriented, but more of an entertainment. The face pinching system, multiplayer mode, and cartoon style all reveal its “suitable for all ages” attributes.

The same is true. NS Sports currently offers six sports: volleyball, badminton, bowling, football, fencing and tennis . After trying it out, we found that badminton and tennis have relatively high levels of exercise, so in the 30-minute test, we chose In these two sports, because there are multiple people in the split-screen mode, I don’t have to be alone. I found my colleague Xiao Chong to work out with me happily.

Rather than exercising, it is better to put your whole body into play. Even if we played back and forth, it wouldn’t be too tiring. Holding the Joy-Con to fight left and right, it was just an air racket. Compared with our usual badminton games, we had less weight and less outdoor scorching sun, so Pretty easy.

In the end, I played for 34 minutes, excluding the time of skipping playback and menus, the total exercise time was just 30 minutes, the average heart rate was recorded at 112 beats/min, and the total consumption was 194 kcal, which is much easier than Lemmy Kickboxing, and also Much happier.

In my opinion, NS Sports is more like a social somatosensory game, don’t expect to use it to brush fat, its calorie consumption efficiency is low, and the type of exercise is limited, after a few days of playing, anyone will get tired of it.

But on second thought, in order to take care of players of all ages, NS Sports has a low intensity and is normal. It is more suitable for playing the role of a family party mini-game, everyone can participate, and the appetite is widened. Fragrant.

“Coach Liu, please let me go”

Next came the most difficult part, following Liu Genghongjian (shou) body (nue).

After the morning Lemmy Kickboxing and the noon NS Sports baptism, my large muscles were actually a little tired. In order to meet the biggest challenge, I took a break in between.

I thought I had prepared both physically and psychologically, but I was shocked by the next 30 minutes.

Before, I only heard that Liu Genghong’s live broadcast is very popular, and I have seen many Liu Genghong girls’ “feeling after practice”, but I have never watched his live broadcast, and I have no courage to follow along. After all, I have been in the gym strength area for many years. Half a bucket of water, I don’t do HIIT without aerobics.

But for the “program effect” of this issue, and adhering to the principle of “don’t be afraid of dying, you won’t die”, I went to Liu Genghong’s official channel at station B and chose a 40-minute aerobic fat-burning exercise and practice version for myself. To be honest, I chose the words “simple sweating”.

It was only after I practiced that I realized that Liu Genghong was not deceiving me.

The action is really simple, and the practice is really sweating.

In essence, Liu Genghong’s fat-burning exercise is an advanced version of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), but the arrangement is moderate, and thanks to Coach Liu’s “talkative” attribute, it just gives the audience more recovery time.

At the beginning of the goddess exercise, while practicing the small muscle groups such as the biceps and triceps, the lower limbs, hips and hips are still active. The overall intensity is not large, but the active heart rate can be kept above 130 beats/min. The next Compendium of Materia Medica and Dragon The boxing session is the highlight of the whole follow-through.

These two songs only take up 1/4 of the whole time, but this part of the action is fast-paced, large-scale, and high-intensity. Bystanders can feel that body fat is burning just by watching Coach Liu’s actions on the screen.

At this time, the sentence “I never felt that 7 minutes is so long” floated by the barrage, which summed up my inner drama succinctly. It is true that this period is very tiring, but as long as you get over it, the following movements will become much more relaxed. This is the essence of HIIT, which increases the heart rate of the athlete to the limit in a short period of time, and maintains this for more than ten minutes. This kind of intensity can achieve a caloric consumption efficiency several times higher than that of general types of exercise.

As Coach Liu said in the live broadcast, this is not suitable for everyone. For some people who have not exercised for a long time, they will face the “Hell Difficulty” HIIT fitness as soon as they come up. The risk of lysis syndrome, remember to gradually.

However, when you are physically and mentally accustomed to this kind of exercise intensity, Coach Liu’s fat-burning exercises are indeed the best choice for home fitness at present: the movement arrangement is just right, and Coach Liu constantly outputs feedback to help the audience adjust their posture, and the efficiency of fat reduction is extremely high. .

After 31 minutes of training, the Apple Watch showed that I consumed a total of 360 calories and an average heart rate of 149 beats per minute, which is similar to the consumption I spent running half an hour with 6 allocations.

This is also the one with the highest fat-burning efficiency in today’s “three cyber events”.

Many media compare Liu Genghong with fitness bloggers such as Chris Heria, Pamela, and Zoey on Saturday, but their popularity in China is not as high as the former.

At present, Liu Genghong has 67.69 million Douyin fans, and his content is far more out of the circle than other fitness bloggers. Every time he broadcasts, millions of people follow him to exercise, which is evident in his appeal to advocate a healthy lifestyle.


When I finished the 90-minute “Cyber ​​Triathlon”, I felt good about myself and consumed a total of 1280 calories that day. For reference, I set my daily activity level on my Apple Watch to 950 calories.

On the second day, the biceps of the upper arm and the inner thigh gracilis were slightly sore, and the third day has basically recovered.

After my one-day test, the conclusion is actually very clear. In terms of fat-burning efficiency, the exercise priority is:

Liu Genghong Fat Burning Exercise > VR Fitness > NS Sports .

So if you are determined to exercise at home and want to lose fat in a healthy and effective way within a few months, the best choice is to follow Liu Genghong to do fat-burning exercises. You only need to set aside 30-60 minutes every day to burn 350 pounds. -700 kcal.

The next best thing is to wear a VR headset and practice fighting with Coach Laimi. You can choose the intensity, and the fat-burning efficiency is not bad at the highest intensity, but you have to buy a VR device and software first. The cost is quite high.

For those fitness rookies who already have a Nintendo Switch in their hands, you can start with NS Sport to get your body used to moderate-to-low-intensity exercise, and then slowly climb the training volume. Within two weeks, you will You can also sweat profusely with Coach Liu.

some Tips

  • Before investing in VR fitness, do a good job of understanding the equipment. At present, Meta Quest 2 has strong hardware and sufficient software ecology, but the required network conditions are relatively harsh;
  • The hardware conditions of domestic machines have basically caught up with the level of the first echelon, but the software resources are few, and it is a situation where you will get tired of playing for a few months;
  • After selecting the equipment, try to add some comfortable modifications, such as silicone masks, magnetic myopia lenses, battery helmet kits, handle bumpers, etc.;
  • Reserve enough space for activities before exercising, even if there is a virtual fence on the screen to prompt, but when you are immersed in it, it is difficult to avoid surrounding obstacles;
  • Warm up before doing any exercise to warm up the muscles and joints, and it is not easy to get injured. Stretching after exercise can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and relieve soreness;
  • 3 points to practice, 7 points to eat. If you want to achieve the ideal fat loss effect, you have to arrange a proper diet;
  • Although Liu Genghong is good, we have to do what we can. If you feel that you can’t keep up with the rhythm, don’t fight hard. Coach Liu doesn’t mind if we reduce the intensity or take a break.
  • Happy exercise is the most important, all painful and unhappy exercise methods will have the opposite effect.

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