[Web3Q·Lite] Daily Twitter Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction·Chinese Free Version)

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[Web3Q·Lite] Daily Twitter Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction·Chinese Free Version)

Web3Q · Lite Daily Twitter Feature

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🖍 # 20220609 Changelog

  • Back home without incident~

🖼 digital collection

🦸‍♀️ Chain Games/ Metaverse

  • The Citibank report states that the economic value associated with the Metaverse could be as high as $13 trillion, and mentions several major tech and telecommunications companies that could benefit from the growth of the Metaverse, including: Meta, Apple, Nvidia, and Intel, while blockchain Technology is one of the early investment opportunities the bank has identified in the metaverse space. Click on the link >> (via @SanbiNote Zombit )
  • This Friday at 7:00 p.m., Chain Catcher Kit @bamboobee5, Kingdata Data Analyst Rocky @Rockywang1993, ZhenFund Mai Jiayu @GalahadMai, LegalDAO Founder @MasterLHZ are guests on the DeFi Way Twitter space to talk about X to Earn Those things ~ click on the link > click on the link >> (via @rockywang )
  • #STEPN’s latest dynamic sorting: 1. The energy of cross-chain shoes decreases with time; 2. Reduces the difficulty of treasure chests, opening the treasure chests to obtain scrolls to get MINT, and mint shoes from 48 hours to 72 hours; 3. The casting dynamic changes and upgrades, according to The price of gst requires additional gmt; 4 or 5 pairs of shoes of the same grade can be synthesized into shoes of a higher grade, and the synthesis needs to consume gst and gmt. You can engrave a short sentence on the synthetic shoes and click the link >> (via @CJ_Blockchain )
  • [An article to understand the metaverse index launched by Multicoin, Matthew Ball and Bitwise] Just now, Multicoin Capital announced the launch of the Ball Multicoin Bitwise Metaverse Index, which will reflect the cryptographic assets that the thriving metaverse projects rely on to reflect the metaverse The evolution of megatrends, read this article at a glance. Click the link >> (via @Web3Caff Chinese Media | Hiring )
💰 transaction finance
  • Paypal will finally support the direct receipt and transfer of cryptocurrencies, which will be launched in the next few weeks, supporting BTC, ETH, and more. Click the link >> (via @Zhixiong Pan )
  • Our Bitcoin browser has added new advanced screening conditions to solve which early bitcoins are active in the time distribution indicator and pinpoint specific addresses. At the same time, the advanced screening of ETH is already in the development stage, I believe you can see it soon To, if you can’t use our products, it is recommended to watch our YouTube videos. Click the link >> (via @JieData_CN )
🔖 comprehensive
  • It’s very long and rough and I haven’t read it yet. After reading the next + others’ TLDR: 1. DeFi regulations will be issued within one year; 2. Miners sell coins and pay taxes according to their profits; 3. Stable coins must be 100% backed, allowing DAOs and protocols to issue stable coins; 4, NFT is a new asset; 5, protect users’ rights to use non-custodial wallets; 6, DAO must be registered; 7, BTC is a commodity; It’s still early, but it’s very comprehensive, and the United States is powerful. Click the link >> (via @CaoYin Cao Yin )
  • [a16z: Smart Contract Security Guide for Web3 Projects] Click on the link >> Click on the link >> (via @Web3Caff Chinese Media | Hiring )

🌟 Hot discussion yesterday

  • #Bitcoin #Binance #BNBChain #Ethereum #BNBUSDT #cryptotrading #NFTCommumity #DeFi #Solana #CryptoNews #Chainlink #CUBE #cryptocurrrecy #WorldOceansDay
  • @pieceofshit_wtf @t18dao @kuroki_nft @acnft_club @0x14os @facedaoio @tokenpocket @premint_nft @lfg_gemnft @yd38861 @osmosiszone @oasisprotocol @thonii95 @spaceidprotocol @rockywang1993

📦 recommend

  • MixPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment service platform based on Mixin Network. The bottom layer of MixPay has the ability to separate payment, pricing, and settlement. It supports settlement in any cryptocurrency and fiat currency, supports payment in any wallet, and provides three settlement modes: ordinary users, robots, and multi-signature. MixPay, born for Web3.
  • We are waiting for you. We welcome the sponsorship of Web3 / NFT / Metaverse projects and investment institutions. It is not expensive at present.

📌 near-term development plan

  • Chinese and English versions of AI model training continue to be optimized << Ongoing
  • New email API build << under evaluation
  • A more beautiful presentation << under evaluation
  • Notion Integration << Shelving
  • Welcome to email and reply to other functions you want to achieve…

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