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“Weekend Chat” is another “column” series of this blog besides “Yu Zao Collection”. The last time I wrote this series dates back to August 2019, two years ago.

The “Weekend Chat” column was originally created to save the need for a title for the article. We all know how troublesome it is to get a title when writing an essay. We are afraid that the essay will be wrong, and we are worried that the title will not convey the meaning. Now we only need to add a serial number after the “weekend chat” to show the difference, and the content of the article can be played at will, without worrying about going off topic and worrying. Wouldn’t it be nice to save effort?
I stayed in Yangzhou this summer because of my part-time job, and I had an unforgettable anti-epidemic experience. If I recorded it in detail, I might be able to open a column of “Yangzhou Diary”, so that I might finally realize my desire to write a book. But I’m so lazy, I shouldn’t be able to write it.
Yangzhou is a city with a very slow pace of life. There is a tradition of “skin wraps water in the morning, and water wraps it in the evening”, so the culture of morning tea and bathing is very popular. This shows that more people in Yangzhou enjoy life.
This epidemic also presented another major feature of Yangzhou to the people of the whole country, that is, the “gaming industry”, which netizens dubbed “Yang Las Vegas State”. Yangzhou has an elderly population that is much higher than the national average. Drinking morning tea, taking a bubble bath, and playing cards constitutes the main line of life for these elderly people. The huge demand has also given birth to a prosperous market, so the number and scale of Yangzhou chess and card rooms are relatively considerable. For example, the famous Hongyuan chess and card room is located in the basement of 1,000 square meters, with a total of 100 mahjong tables, which can accommodate 400 people. People compete on the same field. In such a closed environment, the personnel are very dense, and many elderly people who play mahjong have not been vaccinated. It is conceivable that this has become a hotbed for virus transmission, so the chess and card room quickly penetrated the defense line of Yangzhou. In the early days of the outbreak, the number of confirmed cases continued to rise, with more than 500 confirmed cases in a month, but fortunately it has been brought under control.
Speaking of which, this is also fortunate. Just two days before the outbreak of the epidemic, a few friends invited me to the chess and card room to play a few games, and I was lazy and reluctant to go out. So in the end, none of us made it. If I go without being persuaded, it is inevitable that I will be quarantined, and it is very likely…
As of today, this round of the epidemic should also be nearing its end. On the Internet, I can hear many different voices from Yangzhou citizens, including many complaints, but when I look back at my one-and-a-half-month anti-epidemic life, it is actually not as sad as I imagined. Yuemo said that from the second day of the confirmed case, the school began to implement closed management, and then arranged for all the left-behind staff in the canteen, supermarket, and apartment to live in the school dormitory to ensure the school’s basic logistical guarantees such as meals and materials. With the increase of confirmed cases, the risk areas near the school are also increasing, and finally surrounded us directly. Even the straight line distance from our nearest confirmed track point is only more than 100 meters, just across a road. Still no diagnosis.
Due to various reasons in the early stage of the epidemic, when outside management, material supply, and price control were not in place, the food supply in the school canteen and the commodity supply in the supermarket were relatively sufficient, and the prices were the same as usual, so we were relatively lucky.
There are many, many other things during this period, if I still remember, I will have time to record them.

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