Weekend chat (6)

There are many fewer classes in the second study than in the first study, and I have more free time recently, so I pushed the ten-year appointment project to add some new functions. The first is the wormhole . Through the wormhole (foreverblog.cn/go.html) Randomly entered the blog of the members of the 10-year appointment. Many friends have good feedback on this feature, but some suggestions include forcing all members of the 10-year appointment to add a link to the wormhole on their blog like “Go To”. This is not in line with the purpose of the ten-year agreement, we welcome and very much hope that you can add a link to the wormhole, but it will not be mandatory.

The other is that the rss aggregation subscription function of the ten-year appointment has recently been integrated into the official website of the ten-year appointment. You can see the latest updated articles of all members in (foreverblog.cn/feeds.html). This function was also available in the past, but the wordpress plugin was used. For this aggregation subscription, a new wordpress site needs to be established, which not only wastes resources, but also troubles data maintenance. The subscription address of new members needs to be manually added to this plugin. Very inconvenient. Now application review, exception marking, information change, subscription address management, etc. are all in one system, which is much more convenient to process, and the data is also synchronized. In addition, this RSS aggregation subscription also provides an API interface, which will be considered for developers to use later.

Recalling the Typecho system + the Mike form that was used at the beginning of the decade, all the information needs to be copied from the microphone form to Typecho’s “articles” and links plug-ins, that is, a piece of information needs to be manually entered twice, which leads to auditing Progress is extremely slow. Later, “Shen Yanzhi” developed an application system to replace the Maike form, but the data is still in Typecho, and the data of the application system is not communicated with Typecho, so the efficiency of review processing has not been improved, but this marks the beginning of the main function of the ten-year contract No longer use third-party services. Then “wispx” developed the current system, and imported the data processing in the original Typecho into the new system, which ended the review mode of copying the application information from one system to another system twice, and can mark the review with one click The result and the result email are sent, which greatly improves the efficiency of auditing and data maintenance, and slowly adds functions such as blog status detection and self-reporting of memorabilia. Then, recently, “My Love bug” wrote a wormhole, and immediately wrote a rss aggregation subscription. The main code of , I am very grateful to wispx, Shen Yanzhi, Wu Ai bug, and the code for the immediate academic contribution to make the ten-year appointment better and better, especially wispx has always undertaken more code maintenance tasks.

This year is the fourth anniversary of the ten-year appointment. This project is beyond my ability to maintain it today. In addition to thanking the code contributors mentioned above, there are also Tunanshan, Craftsman Box, Linhai Grassland, Yuyi Jiangnan, etc. We have provided maintenance for the Ten-Year Appointment at different times. In addition, the first draft plan has designed two sets of very beautiful logos for the Ten-Year Appointment. I would also like to thank Silicon Cloud for the server support provided for the Ten-Year Appointment official website. There are many bloggers who have supported and helped the ten-year appointment not mentioned above, and I sincerely thank you for your help.

Next, there are some new TODO plans, such as “user system”, new UI interface, “timed email reminder of contract performance status”, maybe these will be realized in the near future, and more friends are welcome to contribute code or UI design.

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