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[ Confessions of the Chinese translator of Rushdie’s “The Devil’s Psalm”: After 20 years, I returned from “Anonymous” to “Yan Jiyu” ]

【Taiwan】Murder police case media chaos

The police killing in Taiwan on the 22nd set off a national panic, and the media and online public opinion fell into a frenzy of questioning. In addition to the highly emotional reports, there were even big oolongs who made mistakes in suspects and “meat searches”, which have no social anxiety at all. help. Naruto’s two submissions examine the chaos from the perspective of the government, procuratorial practices, and media ethics. Xu Qiongwen also provides clear reflection guidelines, which can be used in a more detailed manner.

Tainan police arrest suspect arrested (reproduced live video)

【China】Beidaihe Conference

The CCP will hold its 20th National Congress in the second half of this year. The recently concluded ” Beidaihe Conference ” is naturally regarded as an important outpost, but this conference is said to have dragged on for a long time, and the relevant information of the conference is extremely confidential. Observing clues from the itinerary and conversation of Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang. The author believes that Xi’s re-election has been confirmed, and he continues to repeat the spirit of the Long March in his speeches and publications; but Li also continues to maintain Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening up, although the lines are different and obviously challenging each other, only to achieve a temporary balance.

The dispute between Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang has been the focus of the CCP’s political situation in recent years. The picture shows the file photo (AP)

【Hong Kong】12 Hong Kong people case

Time flies, the anti-amendment movement in Hong Kong and the subsequent implementation of the National Security Law, which attracted all the attention in 2019, have largely lost everyone’s attention because of the epidemic. In 2020, the case of the 12 Hong Kong people who tried to escape to Taiwan and was “sent” is also in the dark because of various undisclosed procedures. The reporter recorded the current situation of the case in the past two years. The lack of transparency of information has brought great helplessness to the family members. There are many doubts in the judicial process, but human rights lawyers have also been imprisoned one by one. But at least we can track it down together and let everyone working on this case know that there are many more who will continue to remember everything.

December 31, 2020 Press conference on “Twelve Hong Kong People’s Black Box Trials, Taiwan’s Upgrade of Aid Hong Kong Policy”. (Photo by Lu Yifeng)

【Herstory】Victims of Sexual Temptation

Last week, Zuozuo shared the statement of the parties involved in the “Taichung Fang Siqi Case” that the victim who came forward this week was replaced by a male. The contributor was a female classmate A. He was not sexually assaulted, but the persecuting teacher deliberately created a high-pressure, gender-differentiated class environment, which made the high school life of the contributor and the whole class full of pressure. He confessed that he had misunderstood that woman A was especially taken care of by the teacher, but she did not know that she was the biggest victim, and he also reflected on the traumatic reaction he left behind. Another article also added that the perpetrator of “child sexual entrapment” will not only brainwash the target of sexual abuse, but also deceive everyone around him/her together. It can be said that everyone is a victim of varying degrees.


[Birth of an idea] What does military underwear look like?

When you hear “military underwear”, does the grass green vest worn by your father and uncle come to mind, but you don’t think of women’s bras? Compared with male officers and soldiers who have special military uniforms from head to toe, most female soldiers have to bring their own underwear for high-intensity training. The U.S. military research and development department has finally designed practical women’s military underwear recently, which has been well received. When I walked around and searched for information, I also found that as early as 2020, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has used functional fabrics that the textile industry is good at to launch military sports underwear, and also adopted a payment policy to allow women to retain the right to choose freely. It is a very important and good idea!

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

[Community discussion] Dancing with the Prime Minister

This week’s Evening News shared that the 36-year-old Finnish Prime Minister Marin received a lot of strange scrutiny because of the video of a private party. In order to prove that it was just a “hi” party, she also took the initiative to conduct a drug test and self-clearance. However, many netizens also believe that it is not inappropriate to attend a party after get off work. As a young woman rarely seen in the political arena, Marin has been swarmed by conservative men to attack her private life, which has aroused sympathy. Many people (including men) have uploaded their own social media Dancing, and labeled “Unite with Marin”, although it is a political solidarity screen, it is extremely joyful. I recommend everyone to click on the Hashtag and laugh together~

【My Body, My Relationship】Care and Sex

Imagining the aging life of a chronically ill or disabled person, such as finances, medical care, interpersonal relationships, etc., may not be easy to meet needs. But in the story of “Da Wei”, a middle-aged gay man, he and his companions are not bound by the traditional marriage and family system. Instead, they cultivate a balance that supports each other without being too heavy from an open relationship. They are open and enthusiastic about sex. The style can also “subsidize the family” and find a comfortable and dependable lifestyle.

2019 Hong Kong independent film “Uncle. Uncle” tells the twilight love of two gay men. (Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival)

【Good Works Collection Box】

At the end of this week, I am going to recommend the recent popular Korean drama “The Very Lawyer Yu Yingzhen”. This drama topped Netflix’s non-English series in July and ranked first, and its Douban score was also as high as 9.0. Although it is a legal series, the whole film has a fresh and warm tone and touches on many issues outside the law, such as autistic women, cetacean knowledge, women and family, etc. It is quite different from mainstream Korean dramas and is highly recommended! It is also recommended to match the comments of Jia Xuanning, the columnist, to bring out the reflections on reproductive autonomy from the reactions of audiences in different regions.

A still from “The Very Lawyer Yu Yingzhen”. (Imdb)

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