What are the terms and slang in the world of tanks?

The terminology and slang of our “World of Tanks” have to be seen by me, and I will give you a good game for the commanders! See how much you guys know?

the term:

Five models:

  • LT , light tank, commonly known as the eye car, has fast maneuverability, excellent vision and concealment, but the armor, HP, and firepower are relatively weak, and it is very difficult for advanced light tank novice to get started.
  • MT is a medium-sized tank and an all-around model. It combines vision and concealment, armor and maneuverability. Although the single-shot damage is not as good as that of models with higher tonnage, it has strong second-line support capabilities.
  • HT, a heavy tank with strong survivability, can open the enemy’s defense line with its excellent armor and sufficient HP. It is the team’s sharpest spear and most reliable shield.
  • TD , self-propelled anti-tank gun, commonly known as Tanzania, usually does not have an omnidirectional turret structure, but has the most powerful firepower in the game, enough to form a terrifying deterrent effect.
  • SPG, self-propelled artillery, a vehicle that performs ultra-long-range support through high parabolic ballistics and shell shock stun effects.

Four types of ammunition:

1. AP, armor-piercing projectile, the most conventional projectile in the game, has excellent normalization effect, moderate projectile flight speed and long-distance penetration attenuation.

2.APCR, hard-core armor-piercing projectile, usually the projectile flies faster than other projectiles, but the normalization effect is poor, and the penetration depth attenuation is generally worse than that of AP.

3.HEAT, armor-piercing projectile, generally exists as a special projectile in the game, and the projectile speed is slow. There is no positive effect and no long-distance penetration attenuation, but it is easy to be detonated in advance by the spaced armor, which reduces the penetration.

4.HE, high-explosive shells, shells with low penetration depth, rely on splash damage to cause damage to enemy tanks when they are not penetrated, and can cause a lot of damage after penetration.


DPM: Damage per minute, a measure of the ability to project firepower.

Projectile Speed: The speed of the projectile’s flight.

Penetration: The armor penetration thickness of a shell at a distance of 100 meters.

Attenuation: The armor-piercing ability of the shell after flying over 100 meters is weakened by the numerical value.

Paper Armor: Armor thickness in the normal direction of the armor surface

Equivalent armor: The actual equivalent value of the armor thickness of the paper surface obtained after the trigonometric function operation under a certain incident angle of the shell.


Scorpio – “Heavenly Crane”

Ferdinand – “Scrap Iron Man”

Rhine – “Vegetable Field”

Cricket – “Lizard”

Tiger Hunt – “Pig Tiger”

Matilda – “Maserati”

Conway – “Conway”, “William”

E-100 Assault – “White Rabbit”

E-100 WT – “Great Fortune”

TOG II – “Ground Dog”

AMX ELC – “Iraq”, “-6 Killer”

P46 – “Broken Chicken Head 46”

E25 – “Cockroach”

KV-2 – “Cult of God”, “Reliable Comrade”

KV-2 (107) – “Cult”

SU-130PM – “Hairy Scorpion”

Strv103B – “Forklift”

AMX-40 – “Little Duck”

IS-7 – “Teletubbies”, “-2400”

Foch-155-“Fu San Ye”

Type 59 – “Associate”

T-54 – “City Management”

T23E3 – “Vegetable Basket”

T95 – “Iron King”, “Swift Scout”

E-100 – “Iron Masked Ranger”

Conqueror – “The Conqueror”

Lion Pose – “Flame Crotch”

T110E5 – “Gundam”

VK1602 – “Lori Panther”

VK2801-“Zhentai Leopard”

Black Panther reconnaissance vehicle – “Meat Detective Panther”

Leopard One Prototype – “Round Round Leopard”

VK4502A – “Mickey Mouse”

VK4502B – “Little Mouse”

VK16801-“Cycling Mouse”

zz Valley: Refers to the valley on the left side of the map-Las Willie, there is usually a magical power here, which attracts players to fight in chaos, but it is often a wave of death

zz Beach: Refers to the map – the beach on the left side of Normandy. The sea water of the North Atlantic attracts tanks, and then they are shot down and up the mountain, and they will be focused by guns from all over the place, which basically cannot control the battle situation.

Oiled: The homonym of “Tu You” refers to the fact that the old players in Wanchang drive out their exclusive powerful cars, large supplies, full skills and accessories to “protect” the novice teammates, but they often persuade the opposite Mengxin.

“Pickup Girl”: Refers to obtaining a “Special Battle Commendation”, there will be a golden “M” in the settlement interface, so it is called a pickup girl.

Fight bayonet! : When only the artillery is left on both sides, the artillery will form the status quo of facing each other with bayonets due to the poor field of vision.

Literary reversing: refers to the car body placed at a small angle and then slowly stretched out from behind the wall to attack the enemy. The essence is to absorb enemy shells through side armor and tracks, and then back up to attack the enemy.

“D will CQC”: refers to the use of D-series tanks for collision

Calling you to play Leopard One: Leopard One’s armor is very fragile. Many players like Leopard One’s handsome appearance, but because of its “black gun” positioning, people often kill Leopard One in seconds as “Leopard Kill” and “call you to play Leopard One”

I don’t know how many drivers have answered correctly? Summer event, fortunate to meet, “World of Tanks” national service anniversary celebration is now grandly opened! The brand-new “Wujiu” historical 3D style is officially unveiled. Massive points are waiting for you to collect, and there are even more points red envelopes raining from the sky! Looking forward to the anniversary of the commanders, and create a grand scene in August!

Compared with the “Summer Celebration” event, this anniversary event has comprehensively simplified the difficulty of points tasks. From August 13th, if you complete the weekly combat missions for 3 consecutive weeks, you can unlock 2800, 7700, and 12600 activity points in turn, follow the “Tank Home” public account and bind the game account, daily tank camp APP sign-in and Watching the official live broadcast of “World of Tanks” Huya, Douyu, and Station B can also get extra points.

In addition to the optimization of the points task, the redemption prizes have also been fully appreciated. X-tier special tank WZ111 QL, 268 project V-type and VIII-tier gold coin tank PM35/46, Chadylan Storm, Skoda T56 have all been added to the exchange in limited quantities. There are also two combination gift packs and a variety of preferred items for you to choose from, and the cool “lava sea” 2D style has also been added to the redemption gift pack for the first time!

The legendary C-series tank Type 59 ushered in its first exclusive 3D style – “Wujiu”. Completing the exclusive quest “Wu Jiu” can get special tokens, which can be exchanged for this new exclusive 3D style for free. At the same time, a creative documentary “Hello, Wujiu” created with this 3D style as the theme will also meet the players in sync with the “Myjiu” style! Commanders, let’s wait and see!

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