Ma Shuguang, Chairman of ABC Wealth Management: High-quality development of bank wealth management requires a clear strategic positioning


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 20 that Ma Shuguang, Chairman of Agricultural Bank of China Wealth Management, said at the 2022 Summer Summit of the China Wealth Management 50 Forum on August 20 that in the future, bank wealth management should focus on the following aspects: continue to improve the investment and research support system. Macro-strategic research should improve the ability to select assets in major categories; meso-scale industry research should be in-depth and detailed, judging the industry’s prosperity and current position; research on micro-targets and cooperative institutions should strengthen the tracking and maintenance of tiered investment databases, and standardize the development of cooperative institutions Evaluation, strict access control. In addition, it is necessary to consolidate the fundamentals of fixed-income investment, deepen credit research, expand trading varieties, maintain the bottom line of investment portfolio income, and play a role in multiplying the income of equity investment. (Source: Shanghai Stock Exchange)

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