What do you think of the gradual increase in the price of script killing, and the price of the city limit/exclusive book even surpassing the price of escape room, and what impact will it have in the future?

This question is actually a bit imprecise, but it is indeed a fact that the price of script killing is soaring, and it is worth discussing.

First ask if, then why.

It is a fact that the price of script killing is soaring, but there is still a certain distance to catch up with the secret room at the same level.

First of all, the experience time of the script killing and the secret room is different. In the non-Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou areas, a script killing of 200 yuan per person is basically the “exclusive” price. That is to say, in these cities, in general, for 200 yuan, you can experience the top script killing, including excellent plot and very good interpretation, and the game time is between 5-7 hours. But the same 200 yuan is placed in the secret room. Even in Zhengzhou, you can only play for two hours in the most ordinary, hourly billed secret room. The reason for this is, of course, cost. Of course, in other cities except some first-tier cities, there are not many excellent secret rooms themselves, which is another topic, and it is not listed for the time being.

Of course, the script kills a premium in the Beishang area (I haven’t been to Guangzhou, so I won’t mention it), I even played a 238 yuan box in Beijing, and there was no performance. But even then, the price of script kills is rarely on par with Chamber of Secrets at the same level (like boxed and the most common traditional Chamber of Secrets).

So, what makes everyone have the illusion that most of the script killing prices are constantly increasing, so that they have to catch up with the secret room. On the one hand, it is because the price of script killing is increasing rapidly, and on the other hand, it is because of inertial thinking.

In the traditional sense, when we mention the secret room, we think of delicate organs, exquisite decryption and many staff. When it comes to script killing, everyone may inevitably think of the original script killing – a few people, a few books, a DM can just read the words and the money will be in hand. Therefore, the price of script killing has skyrocketed in the past two years. At the same time, script killing and secret room often appear together in the public eye, so it is inevitable to compare games that originally belonged to two different tracks together. With such a comparison, it is inevitable to think that the price of the secret room has not increased yet, why did the script kill the price increase so quickly.

In fact, after the savage growth of the current script killing store, both the environment and the quality of service personnel are steadily improving. It is no longer the script killing that everyone remembered at first. As for the secret room, it is also developing steadily, but because it is relatively stable, the investment cost is high, and few people enter the venue, it has not been paid much attention by everyone. From the price to the track, there is still a big gap between the two.

Finally, I saw that other respondents mentioned immersive theater and the like. I personally think that this kind of script kills part of the volume king in the track. The store will take the book from the release, and then let a more experienced DM adapt it. Professionals (many graduates from China Opera and Nortel) perform performances, calling them immersive theaters or other names, so as to make store signs. Of course, whether it can be improved is a matter of course. There are also many shops who have changed the lip of the donkey and the mouth of the horse, but it is undeniable that an excellent adapted script can attract a considerable part of the customer flow, and can make the script kill the price higher.

In the end, I suddenly thought that there is such a thing as a real scene search. The average person is three or four hundred, and it takes about four hours to play. This thing is more of a gimmick. I’ve never seen any store’s real-life search script that does a good job, and the store itself doesn’t allow regular customers to play…

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