What is the “epidemic”

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When criticizing Shanghai’s containment of the epidemic before, some people said that I was “only watching the epidemic until now.” In fact, I knew about it a year ago and never said it directly. Why do you think I started criticizing Western medicine a year ago, recommending Kary Mullis’s article on AIDS, and why I recommended the Virus Mania? If you follow the vine, you will know what is going on, but unfortunately most people do not have the spirit of exploration. There are so many conspiracy theories online that confuse people so they don’t know what’s true. I can’t say it right now, but I can recommend a few articles and videos by German microbiologist Stefan Landa. This person has been exposing other “epidemic” things a long time ago. I personally think it is relatively reliable information, and he may be one of the first people to discover this problem, and his writing is relatively simple. The Virus Misconception – Measles as an example The Virus Misconception – the beginning and the end of the corona crisis Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory In addition, there is a New Zealand doctor named Sam Bailey who made some videos, which I think are very interesting it is good. She is also one of the authors of Virus Mania. Those who understand should understand when they see this. People who don’t want to understand, I think they deserve it. Who told them to worship authority? 😄

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