In order to compete for the title of “worst animation”, the audience of the two animations began to give praise to each other

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Two months ago, there was a bizarre and absurd drama on Steam-players of “Ghost Valley and Eight Wilderness” and “Three Kingdoms Killing” began to give praise to their opponents in order to keep their games at the top of the Steam bad review list.

The slow update progress and related problems in the creative workshop made the reputation of the once smashing “Ghost Valley and Eight Wilderness” almost collapsed. The Eight Wildernesses topped the list. On the other hand, “Three Kingdoms Killing”, which ranks first from the bottom, is not an easy person. However, in this war concerning the title of “King of Bad Reviews”, the two sides took each other’s praises as a program of action, so that passers-by and players could not understand.


There is nothing new under the sun, since there can be a group of people in the game circle who love and hate, then there will be no shortage of similar jokes in other circles.

In May of this year, an animation called “The Dawn of the Magician” completely angered domestic fans because of a strange NTR plot. On the road to conquering the bad review list, they began to tell the so-called “the worst in the Heisei era”. “The Beast Girl Zoo 2” challenged – and their approach was to give each other praise.



“The Dawn of the Magician” is a light novel serialized by the Japanese novelist Soo Tora in 2018. It was animated by animation company Tezuka Production in April this year and is currently being serialized.

The plot and background settings of this work are roughly the same as the other world that everyone is most familiar with, and the old two-dimensional tastes are enough, so I won’t repeat them here.

However, for the audience who insist on chasing the fan, the biggest highlight of “The Dawn of the Magician” must be the several previous characters who appeared in this work. Before the serialization of “The Dawn of the Magician”, another work “The Magic Book from Zero” written by the author Hu Zuoxiang gained a lot of fans with the pure love drama of dog food. In order to maintain the popularity of the continuous work, “Dawn of the Magician” continued the world view setting of “The Magic Book from Zero”, and invited several popular main characters from the previous work to make cameos.

Any work that involves the characters of the previous work, if handled properly, can lead to a moderate amount of flow for the new work, and fans who are active in the previous work will also be satisfied with the full future talks. It’s a pity that “The Dawn of the Magician” obviously failed to do well.

In the 6th episode aired on May 13, the heroine Zero, who carried the banner of pure love in the previous work, kissed the protagonist of the new work Xavier in the form of a strong kiss in order to cure her old friend and good mercenary. Absorb magic”.

The general relationship is shown in the figure below. To put it another way, fans of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” watched “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, but saw Huang Rong kissing Yang Guo in front of Guo Jing.


Although the original novel used the word “moment” for the description of this passage, the animation team obviously had their own ideas. In the animated adaptation, they stretched the kissing scene to 20 seconds, making this awkward silence infinitely magnified.

The heroine in the play gently consoled the former hero to let him not care, but the audience outside the play was about to explode. According to the explanation of the plot, the heroine at that time was depleted of zero magic power to the point where she would be dizzy with only one magic, and in order to save the mercenary, the heroine made a choice to gain magic power by kissing the protagonist of the new work.


Of course, aside from this controversial segment, the overall quality of this work itself is not very good. The poor painting, weird rhythm, and the sweet interaction of the male and female protagonists of the previous work were greatly reduced. The audience who came from the protagonist of the previous work has been complaining for a long time. This time, the explosion of the plot is more like a fuse, but the anger that ignited the fuse is unexpectedly violent.

Although some original parties moved out the original content after the incident, explaining in detail the necessity of this abrupt plot and the inappropriate adaptation by the animation producers, it seems that not many people care about their analysis. On the other hand, the animation team seems to be quite satisfied with this treatment. In the follow-up plot, this “famous scene” was replayed repeatedly, stimulating the fans’ nerves over and over again.


Before the animation of “The Dawn of the Magician” was broadcast, a core fan wrote a lightning protection guide for this purpose. However, in view of the embarrassing situation that the original novel was not taken over by the Chinese group in China, the popularity of this novel in China was low, and the splendid 4D guide was also ignored at that time.

And this time the animation team’s big magic change not only angered the fans of the original work, but also made the fans who didn’t know much about this work, just to see the protagonist of the previous work. The angry fans, adhering to the concept of “injustice and debt,” ran to the author’s Twitter to ask for an explanation.

In fact, this plot didn’t make much waves in Japan, and the author who was “kindly greeted” by a large number of foreigners for a while was completely stunned. In this regard, from the perspective of social background, the author advocates the difference between the values ​​of the other world and the real world, and repeatedly emphasizes that there is also a difference between kisses, and the difference between a true love kiss and an emotionless kiss is simply a cloud of mud. , but not many people are willing to listen to her defense.


What makes the fans who have traveled all the way to Twitter even more angry is that when everyone is obsessed with the established fact of NTR, the author obviously has his own opinion. According to her statement, she doesn’t think this episode belongs to NTR, even though she really likes NTR.


Today, when the meaning of the foreign word NTR is becoming more and more generalized, the word seems to have lost its original meaning in China, and has become a noun that refers to behaviors such as derailment and distraction. This is exactly what happened to “The Dawn of the Magician”. Because the audience who loved the previous work “The Magic Book from Zero” couldn’t bear the heroine Zero’s kissing with others in the new work, it was characterized as NTR .

It’s just that the Chinese audience’s definition of NTR seems to be different from that of the Japanese, which directly leads to irreconcilable contradictions in understanding between the two sides.

Coincidentally, on the day of the incident, station B just started the publicity work of “Dawn of the Magician”. I don’t know if it was such a coincidence that the timing of the animation review or the result of the staff’s smooth sailing. In any case, this work caused a bloody storm on the first day of legalization.


According to the opinions of fans, if you want to substantially resist the author’s attitude, you must first start with the official genuine version that allows the author to benefit from it, and the first to bear the brunt of the event is the protagonist “Dawn of the Magician”, and its original author. Another work of “The Magic Book from Zero”.

However, since “Dawn of the Magician” had not officially landed on station B at that time, the innocent “Magic Book from Zero” was bombarded with bad reviews.


When “The Dawn of the Magician” was officially launched on May 16th, everyone also began to shift the battlefield, vent their frustrations over the past few days, wash the scoring area with 1 star, and the animation area of ​​station B has the lowest score. Shortly after the opening of the scoring, the score of this work dropped to 2.4 points. For station B, which has relatively loose scores and most works have higher scores than other scoring sites, this score is enough to testify to the anger of the audience. .


And at this point, fans of “Magic Book from Zero” have found an immovable king who is firmly at the bottom of the list, a hidden boss in urban legends – “Beast Girl Zoo 2”.



Perhaps many people have heard of the name “Beast Girl Zoo 2”. According to legend, this is an epoch-making legendary work, an existence that can dominate the bad review list, and an epic shit that no one can surpass…

Due to space limitations, we will not expand on the bad things behind “Beast Girl Zoo 2” in detail. To put it simply, a group of dream-seeking youths used sincerity and love to create a hit work that caused a social phenomenon in Japan, but when the management noticed this cash cow, the original staff in the follow-up plan were all evacuated. They ruthlessly tore up this inspiring story.

Another example where the antecedents are not consistent, but the consequences are the same, is the absence of Hideo Kojima’s “Metal Gear: Survival”.

However, “Beast Girl Zoo 2” is obviously much more excessive than “Metal Gear: Survival”. This animation deliberately sacrificed the first-generation protagonist in the final round, and maliciously consumed the previous role in a form that almost mocked the audience. That night, Japan With a favorable rating of 2.6, the 520,000 spectators successfully made the game top the Niconico animation bad review list, beating the “Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V” that had dominated the list for a long time.


And domestic fans are not to be outdone. With the joint efforts of people inside and outside the circle, the score of this work at station B has also successfully bottomed out. I am afraid there is not much room for decline.

根据B站的评分机制,动画评分的下限应为2分 According to the scoring mechanism of station B, the lower limit of the animation score should be 2 points

This time, the dark horse “Dawn of the Magician”, which was killed halfway, really shocked the fans of “Beast Girl Zoo”. They probably didn’t expect that there would be a movie that threatened the “King of Bad Reviews” and “Beast Girl Zoo”. 2″ works.


The next story, everyone can guess. On the one hand, in order to stabilize the “worst crown in history”, on the other hand, in order to make the immobile king fall from the throne, the two sides started a vigorous battle of praise.


But probably “due to” the notoriety of “Beast Girl Zoo 2”, “The Dawn of the Magician” is always at a disadvantage in this debate. And when things got bigger, the influx of Lezi people also started to make the situation out of control, and no one knew whether the praise represented genuine appreciation or a sign of yin and yang. Of course, this kind of thing naturally requires our “Three Kingdoms Kill” players to participate in the war.

头像是《三国杀》知名失衡武将界徐盛 The avatar is Xu Sheng, a well-known unbalanced general in “Three Kingdoms Kill”

In this battle of praise, the mutual praise between the two is actually nothing. The two sides gradually reconciled through communication. After understanding the degree of disgust of the other family, they calmly admit that you are worse, maybe that is the essence.


It is common for a group of people to quarrel over which work is better, but it is probably not common for a group of people to argue for the bottom one.

And on June 20, the progress of station B finally ushered in the crucial sixth episode, and countless marginal users who only wanted to Tu Yile finally got a glimpse of this incomparably bad “God Hui”.

However, it may be for the physical and mental health of the audience. Station B has carefully cut down the famous scenes that everyone is most looking forward to. The air kiss between the two can make people understand what happened, and it can also be regarded as protection. everyone’s eyes.


Although Bilibili’s “turning the tide” has indeed received positive reviews from some viewers, the self-deception of ignoring one’s ears and stealing bells can’t stop the bombardment of bad reviews after all. At present, the rating column of “The Dawn of the Magician” is still full of overwhelming negative reviews, and a few sporadic positive reviews cannot change the overall situation.

On the other hand, “Beast Girl Zoo 2” has already experienced the baptism of time, and the score has stabilized at 2.2 points. But every time there is a new animation whose reputation has dropped to the bottom, “Beast Mother Zoo 2” can always be pulled out and whipped, and this time is no exception.

This month, the comment area of ​​”Beast Mother Zoo 2″ has been very active, and it seems that this animation inscribed on the column of shame will continue to write its legend of bad reviews. But considering that “The Dawn of the Magician” is currently being serialized, it is not impossible for the subsequent plot that is still going down and the ratings will continue to fall – maybe one day, the music people can really witness the historic replacement of the king of bad reviews.

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