What will happen if you quit your job and work at home to invest in stocks?

A few days ago, I received a call from a friend and asked me if I had time. As long as the market doesn’t open, I’m fine. Then he told me that he was going to look for a job again, saying that he had lost 1 million in stock trading. The chat on the phone was not long, more than an hour, but it was a long time for the two men.
I have known him for almost ten years. He used to be a middle-level manager of a company in Guangzhou. He stayed at home because of the epidemic last year. As a result, he started investing in stocks every day. He didn’t make much money until the end of June last year. Big, 60w has become more than 110w. It directly ignited his inner desire. The first reaction was to quit his job to invest in stocks. The key point is that his wife is also very supportive, because he earns more than his salary, and who would not like it.
He also asked me at the time if he could quit his job and invest in stocks. My first reaction was that his heart might be a little swollen, and as a past person, I threw him three questions.
First, how many books do you have? According to your current living standard in Guangzhou, if you need 50w a year, then the stock market needs at least 500w.
Second, do you have any other income? Other income must meet daily expenses, otherwise the pressure of stock trading is huge.
Third, are you ready to lose money? This is no child’s play. The stock market is like Z market, and it is absolutely impossible without sufficient psychological preparation.
In the end, he still resigned. He traded stocks at home every day, worked out after the market, and went out to play with friends on weekends. His life was much more leisurely than before. It may also be because I opposed his resignation at the time and did not contact me for a long time, so I was surprised how he lost so much.
After listening to him, I was helpless because his rhythm was all wrong. After the brokerage took profit last year, he entered technology stocks, but after a few months of decline, he couldn’t bear to cut the meat. Then at the end of the year, he filled a certain heavyweight leader. The result was even worse. I was unwilling to speculate on convertible bonds again, and then there was no more…
I know that many stock marketers have the dream of investing in stocks to support their families, and many people have already realized it, but they are only a few. I have summed up the reasons why my friend finally failed, you can refer to it.
1. You can take stock trading as a half-career, but not full-time. Because the risk of being full-time is too great, and the expenses in life are every day, as long as there is no money, the pressure will gradually accumulate.
2. Don’t think about investing in stocks to support your family if you don’t have a certain amount of money. For example, if you need 10w for household expenses a year, you must have a book of more than 100w. And his Ben J is not enough to sustain his expenses.
3. The technology of stock trading has not been learned in place, and the mentality is not good.
4. To invest in stocks, we must pursue stable income. Three years is better than three years, because every three years is earned by skill, and three times a year may be luck, and Q earned by luck will lose money sooner or later. go back.
Destiny played a joke on him, and it also messed up his mentality; think about it carefully, how can someone who earns dozens of watts a month endure the days of being paid 9 to 5. Talked to him a lot and hope he can cheer up and adapt to this change as soon as possible.
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