What’s wrong with Zhong Xue Gao? Isn’t it more expensive? Why has it become the target of public criticism? 

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Recently, Zhong Xuegao is very popular, and various video platforms have appeared on the fire of Zhong Xuegao, and there are even videos of barbecue Zhong Xuegao.

In fact, I haven’t eaten ice cream much this summer. The news of the epidemic in the past few months has been one after another. Although the Binhai New Area where I live has always been a near miss, when I went to a certain shopping mall, I was listed as a close contact, and then I was quarantined, which shocked me too much. I don’t go out very much all the time. I blow the air conditioner at home every day, so I don’t have enough motivation to eat ice cream.

In previous years, I was relatively ungrounded in eating ice cream. At that time, the most expensive ice cream was often the one from Menglong or Haagen-Dazs. That’s my favorite too.

I know that Zhong Xuegao was actually in Shanghai. My wife and I were hanging out on Huaihai Road once. There was a market stall for Zhong Xuegao at the intersection opposite iAPM. We passed by and my wife said to buy it. I said what this is, never heard of it. She said it was an Internet celebrity food, so we bought one. I wasn’t very interested, but I took a bite and tried it. It’s relatively hard, and it feels a bit too frozen, so I don’t like it very much, and it doesn’t taste any tricks.

Later, when we ordered takeaway snacks, my wife often bought Zhong Xuegao, and I also tried a few flavors, but I never felt amazing. As for the price, Haagen-Dazs is actually not cheap, but I feel that I like the taste. I can’t find the feeling of Zhong Xuegao, and I am not interested in eating it.

Haagen-Dazs has its own small freezer in many convenience stores, and the cold chain is said to maintain a certain temperature, so it is guaranteed that when you get it, it will neither be over-frozen nor thawed. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I can feel it in the taste. I like the taste of both Menglong and Haagen-Dazs, but they are more expensive.

But the past two years seem to have changed. In addition to Zhong Xuegao, there have also been some expensive ice creams that were not well known before, known as ice cream assassins. It is said that when you buy it, you cannot see that it is expensive. When you check out, you feel fooled, but you are embarrassed to return it, so it has caused psychological trauma to many people.

I don’t have this problem. I now use Meituan to buy things. Although there is a convenience bee at my doorstep, even if it is a convenience bee at my doorstep, I usually buy it from Meituan. Everyone should understand this. The temperature in Tianjin is not bad in summer, and the sun is too hot. Going out at noon can directly expose people to the sun. Of course I’m too lazy to go out in winter, you know.

You can see the price when you buy with Meituan, and you won’t buy the wrong one, although I don’t actually look at the price…

In fact, I think that a thing is expensive to sell, and there is no inherent original sin.

In the past two years, there has been a saying, “This thing is good, and it does not pit the poor.”

The price is a kind of distinction, if you have money, you will naturally like to buy expensive things. The poor naturally like to buy cheap things. I remember when I was a child, my dad bought and missed Xuening to go home. When the whole family was eating, the children were questioning, this is not Sprite. The adults said, what is the difference between Sprite and Xuening.

I didn’t understand it when I was a child, I thought you were fooling me. I know that life is hard when I earn my own money, and I understand the hardships of my parents in those years. Why sometimes, some things are cheaper by a few cents, parents are very concerned about it.

However, people who are really rich naturally have requirements for the quality of life.

When I was a kid we lived in a place called a farm, a bungalow with no toilets for public toilets. Our wells are not even 100 meters away from public toilets. Start pumping water to the water tower at 5:00 am every day, and then turn off the water pump at 9:00 pm. That is to say, our tap water is not 24-hour, nor does it have any purification device, it is just groundwater. At that time, adults still drank tea, and children basically used a scoop to scoop water into the water tank at home. Our family moved to a building and began to have municipal tap water, purification, and chlorination. It was already something after the college entrance examination.

But after so many years, I have become accustomed to drinking only mineral water with cold water, and even the water tank of my coffee machine uses Nongfu Spring. It’s not really stinky, it’s mainly because the water in the north is hard. If you use tap water, you’re afraid that the coffee machine will be blocked after a long time.

When you’re poor, you can’t tell the difference between cheap things and expensive things. But for a little money, you immediately find that tap water tea doesn’t taste right. why? Because you also don’t use the cheapest high crush and jasmine tea. Many people may not know that jasmine tea became popular because the water in Beijing was too bitter at that time. If you can afford good tea leaves, you will naturally know whether the water is good or not. The tap water in Shanghai is the most delicious after living in many cities. The Coke from the Coca-Cola beverage machines in some shopping malls in Shanghai could not suppress the taste of the tap water (the Coke machines usually have their own water purification capability).

The taste of eating popsicles is also improving step by step. When I was a kid, when I lived on a farm, it wasn’t every day that I could eat popsicles. There were no popsicles in the farm’s own small shop. At that time, refrigerators were a rarity, and I had never seen them before. The popsicles we ate were brought by mobile hawkers. They rode a bicycle. The back of the car was a wooden box with a white painted surface and lined with a quilt. This thing did not have any cooling effect, but it could effectively insulate the heat. We ate 1 cent, 2 cent popsicles and 5 cent ice cream when we were kids.

At that time, the family could not afford to buy a refrigerator, and I had never even seen a refrigerator, so I didn’t talk about buying a bunch of them. Of course, the economy didn’t allow it at the time, so I couldn’t afford it at all.

The so-called popsicle is the sugar water completely frozen hard, with fruit flavor, and some with red beans on the front. The ice cream is milky and fluffy. When we were young, popsicles were king, and ice cream was too expensive to eat occasionally. After eating the popsicles, the sticks must be stinky before they are willing to throw them away.

But when I lived in Beijing and Shanghai, I already knew about Menglong and Haagen-Dazs, which became my most common choice.

If you have some money, you want to improve the quality of your life. This is only natural. A lot of people like memories, like water, however, think about it, it is easy to turn from frugality to luxury, and from luxury to frugality is difficult. Going up is easy, coming down is hard. You let me go back to the farm life in the past. I can’t go back. Even if I want to go back, that piece of land has been flattened. It is said that fish ponds have been dug and fish have been raised.

Therefore, although Zhong Xuegao is expensive and ice cream assassin is expensive, I am very calm and accept it. Although they don’t appeal to me in terms of taste, I don’t want to buy them. But even if they appealed to me, I would buy if I could, and not if I couldn’t.

Just buy me the best watch in the world. An Apple watch costs only a few thousand dollars, but a Rolex costs tens of thousands. Expensive is expensive, none of my business, if I don’t buy it, no matter how expensive it is, it will not affect my life. The most expensive watches in the world are those mechanical watches in Switzerland, but they are the most inaccurate. Children’s electronic watches that cost a few dollars or tens of dollars can kill them in accuracy.

Just like a Rolls Royce, you can buy a house. Expensive is expensive, what does it have to do with you and me? If you want to buy a domestic car that costs tens of thousands of yuan, you can still buy it. Not affected at all.

So where did Zhong Xuegao go wrong?

Recently, the turmoil of Zhong Xuegao, I have not seen my wife not buy it. Recently, Zhong Xue’s high temperature does not melt, and there is a legal additive cardine in it, and I have not seen my wife not buying it. She likes the flavor, she can afford it, and I have no problem with it.

Why are you so concerned? So what do you care about?

Aren’t the Chinese proud to go abroad to buy out Galeries Lafayette and LV? Isn’t it said that the Chinese are the people with the strongest spending power everywhere?

How did you start with an ice cream recently?

Maybe it’s obvious that the overall economic pressure is coming now? Many people start to panic? Need a release point from employment, from the stress of life?

However, my feeling is that even if popsicles and ice cream are more expensive, it will not affect your purchase of a house or a car, which may not account for a high proportion of the overall cost of living. The problems we have encountered cannot be solved by paying attention in this way.

Grasp the big and let go of the small, strive to find more income from the source, and plug more big loopholes in life. Then after the economic situation eases, buy the most expensive ice cream that you like and can afford, and eat it beautifully… Pause the troubles for dozens of minutes.

Life is not only about the hustle and bustle in front of you, but also ice cream and fields

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