When the dog music took off the black wool coat

When the weather turns hot, Goule’s black hair just absorbs heat, and it gets too hot after going out for a while. At home, he always likes to lie on the tiles of the toilet, so he came up with the idea of ​​shaving it.

The first photo before shaving, it can be seen that before exercising, you are already hot and want to dive into the water.


It’s not that he doesn’t let it go into the water, it’s just that the nearby lakes are not very clean, and there are industrial waste water discharges. Occasionally, I will take it to swim in a farther lake. The water here is slightly cleaner, and there are often other dogs. Swimming inside.


I originally wanted to shave it yesterday, but several nearby pet stores were full of reservations that day, so I had to make an appointment for the next day.
Why don’t you shave it yourself, but pay to send it to the pet store. First, there are no tools, and second, it’s really too much trouble. The pet store staff took 3 and a half hours to shave it, and sent me a WeChat to pick it up. , I was stupid at first sight, how could it be so ugly? ?


When he had hair, he looked quite fat, but after taking off his fur coat, he looked so thin that it was not pleasing to the eye.
Fortunately, it doesn’t dislike it by itself. In short, it will be cooler. When it grows again, it is estimated that the summer will be over.


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