Where should the keys to the chastity lock be placed?

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△ 226|Where should the key of the chastity lock be placed?

Zhou Hongyi said that 360 Security Guard does not “cannot be uninstalled”, but requires a specific method and a series of cumbersome processes to finally achieve the effect of uninstallation. Because I want to prevent hackers from hacking my computer this way, and uninstall 360 easily, so as not to expose my computer to danger. At first glance, this news is full of flaws, but it seems to be able to justify it with this kind of bullshit logic. I was also stunned that I couldn’t find the best interpretation of this bullshit logic from the logical paradox. The description of shit and fart, so there is this title.

Use chastity locks to achieve non-physiological self-castration, but the keys of chastity locks need to be placed in a place that is not so easy to obtain. This method can not only ensure chastity, but also prevent the keys from being poorly kept, otherwise you will have to carry them all your life. On the chastity lock.

The essence of this logic is the plot that many families often play – “I’m all here for your own good” .

It’s like putting a chastity lock on a child to prevent him from secretly masturbating, and the key is kept in the parents’ hands. The original chastity lock can already maintain normal urination, so its demand has been standardized to an extreme state. Of course, the child can apply to the parent that he wants to get the key back and temporarily open the chastity lock. But because they have preset a “minimum” standard, when the chastity lock exists, it can already meet all the “normal needs” of the child, so the idea of ​​opening the lock itself contains many “non-existent needs”. split thoughts”. That is to say, once the child gets the chastity lock, even if it’s just because the morning tree is uncomfortable, the parents will still think that the child must be thinking something wrong, such as wanting to masturbate. So parents will help their children make choices: “I’m all here for your own good, I masturbate at a young age and grow up, I won’t be able to give birth to a child as smart as you”.

But unlocking itself is a kind of “temptation” that will get into the child’s mind all the time, not only to want to masturbate, but maybe just to release the sense of authority and restraint that parents impose on their children. The more I want to open the lock. Then there was a conflict between the child and the parent. The child felt that he had reached an age when he did not need a chastity lock, and he could control his own thoughts and life; but the parent did not think so, because opening the lock meant that the child had taken back the original If he can be controlled by his parents, then he will really reach the day when his wings are hardened. But the conflict became more and more intense day by day, so they formed a kind of negotiation similar to the adult world – “Okay, I can promise to give you the key, but there are some conditions, you need to be admitted to the ideal university”.

Now that there are conditions, there are chips that can be negotiated. Because in the beginning, children with chastity locks are completely passive, their genitals and desires are locked, and this minimum rule can no longer use things that continue to be compromised and taken away. Since getting the key back has now become a kind of bargaining chip, when they exchanged the bargaining chip, they also knew what the equivalent of the bargaining chip was – admitted to a good university. Their negotiation will not be resolved because of this negotiation. When the child has a bargaining chip, he will know how to ask for more rights. Of course, parents do not allow such a thing to happen. Negotiating with the key as a bargaining chip is a risky move, and it is impossible for them to compromise further. Of course, these children with chastity locks have also found a new way – “Since getting into a good university is so important, if you don’t give me the key, I won’t study hard.”

This trick is dangerous, but definitely useful. When the parents found that their lifeline was being strangled, the first thing that came to mind was to tear up the original agreement. Since the child threatened me in this way, don’t even think about getting the key back. As a result, the child will not be threatened because of the lack of keys, because this is no longer a threat. At this moment in such a parent-child relationship, whether or not to be admitted to a good university has become the most important gambling chip. Seeing that the child is not threatened by the key at all, the parents are not allowed to adopt a more flexible policy and begin to give in conditionally – “I can give you the key, but you first promise me to be the first in the class in the next month’s test, and then I will give you the key. I can give you the keys to a weekend.”

Obviously, such negotiation will work for a while, because the child realizes that his non-compromise has earned him the power he deserves. However, in some families, there will be a lose-lose scenario. The parents threaten the children to be obedient by throwing away the key, but the child blocks the parents and dare not throw away the key. As a result, the child has to live with that chastity lock for the rest of his life, and the parents are beaten to death and will not admit that it is their responsibility to throw away the key. If the child was not obedient at that time, they would not have made such impulsive behavior.

Such agreements can be torn up again when parents want to tighten the rules again, or when children get ahead again because they can’t live up to expectations. The parents felt that they could never give the key to the child, so they wanted to re-enact the rules, and the child threatened again with the threat method that had already taken effect; As the parents did not hand over the keys, the mediation between the two gradually changed from once a week to twice a week.

In the process, some children have learned to give themselves another chastity lock key; some children have no intention of returning the keys after they get them, and they threaten their parents if they don’t want to exchange them; some children are exchanged by their parents. A more sophisticated chastity lock was adopted, and the rules of both parties were adjusted back to the original “minimum”; some parents felt that the sky was falling because their children violated the rules of chastity locks, so they simply put chastity locks on themselves ; Of course, there are still some children who gradually realize that no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to hold the key, so they begin to enjoy the life of being blocked by chastity locks. They regard themselves as dogs and pigs, enjoying being A true spiritual climax is achieved under the condition of imprisoning the physiological instinct.

At that time, the parents realized that it was time to unlock the chastity lock for the child, but the child refused, he swallowed the key that was handed over, and then told them that he was enjoying the way he is now, because he no longer needs the lower body. Erection, but the spirit can orgasm at any time.

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