Why am I not optimistic about Clubhouse-like apps?

In my opinion, it is difficult for clubhouse apps to challenge podcasts, but they can become a niche product for the following reasons:

  1. One of the big problems with the ClubHouse model is that it’s very demanding of moderators : for example, a sharing session I participated in tonight. The host classmates tried very hard to control the field, but several guests were very output and aggressive, which led to the whole sharing of the guests chatting on their own. The host had no way to control the field. Talk about the state of war. . . The guests realized that they could not continue to chat, otherwise there would be problems. This will lead to the whole show, there is no clear main line, the shared content is circulating everywhere, and it is difficult for the audience to obtain anything.
  2. Good podcast hosts are hard to come by: The production of podcasts is not easy. ClubHouse’s model seems simple, but in fact, if you want to generate valuable content, you actually have high requirements for guests. The fact that podcasts can generate good value depends largely on later adjustments and optimizations to remove the dross from the entire recording, so that everyone can listen to it better.
  3. Real-time is a double-edged sword: real-time allows us to appear on the scene for the “possible sense of loss”; but real-time also loses the possibility of editing and secondary creation. Without this possibility of secondary creation, ClubHouse loses a lot of flavor.

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