Why do so many people like to look bearish at low positions and sing more at high positions

It’s surprising and ridiculous, but it’s true. Ask yourself is this the case? In order to improve better, it is best to meditate and think about whether you have such a problem. The people who are still blindly optimistic and shouting for the bull market are probably the same group of people who called for the market to fall to more than 2500 when the market fell to around 2860 two months ago. At that time, blind pessimism and emptiness were gone. At this time, blind optimism is likely to be trapped by them. This is the standard leek. If you don’t reflect or improve, God can’t save it.

In the past few days, I started to remind me of the risks, and then I was sprayed by a lot of people. It is obvious that more and more people are blindly optimistic. There are also many people who criticize me for running short and wanting low-level chips to maliciously sing short.

The fact is that some time ago, when the market fell below 3000 points, when everyone was extremely pessimistic, the more they fell and the more they bought. Finally, I even filled up the financing, and at that time, I heavily traded at the bottom of the $Zhonggai Internet ETF (SZ159605) $ first took the limit and then took three more A daily limit, old fans should know.

The market has rebounded since mid-April, and it has rebounded quite a lot in early May. At that time, the social financing data for April was not good, and the snowball was filled with extremely pessimistic remarks. Everyone think about it. Are you pessimistic at that time? , Many big Vs also shouted that Monday was going to fall sharply, which made me angry, and directly opened up, see the picture below.


Then I have been on the 6.7th of this rebound. At first, I mainly focused on lithium mines, wind power chips and semiconductors in the track shares. Later, I made supplementary gains for pharmaceutical securities companies. Until June 7th, I started to adjust positions and exchange stocks to stabilize growth to defend. , also officially began to remind the market of risks, I made money in Thursday’s crash.


Anyone who knows me knows that I never delete a post, right or wrong. The above picture is the latest collection of opinions. On the 7th, I started to defend, and on the 8th and 9th, I reminded the risk of callback for two consecutive days. It is precisely because of this that I was called short by blindly optimistic people.

Everyone should think carefully about whether they can maintain a bit of optimism like me when everyone is panicking, and remain a bit sober when everyone is blindly optimistic, or on the contrary, they are pessimistic when they are low, and rebound to a relatively low level. High but blindly optimistic?

Why does this extremely unreasonable situation occur? First, it is determined by human nature. Human fear will infinitely magnify the disadvantages of low positions, and human greed will greatly magnify the advantages of relatively high positions. Second, the butt decides the head. When the position is low, they may not have a large position when the position is high. This will affect the judgment of the market without being objective and rational. The third cognition is too short-sighted, blinded by the immediate negative and positive, and ignores deeper thinking and longer-term plans. Any other reasons you can add.

I wrote this article because I really don’t understand why so many people are blindly optimistic and even shout that the bull market is coming when the market is likely to pull back. I wrote this rally and I participated in the trading process not to brag about myself How powerful, but to fight back against those who sprayed me and stepped into the air.

My view on the future market remains unchanged: the broader market is likely to pull back, especially the ChiNext and the track stocks with huge gains. The stable growth sector and the second-quarter results that exceed expectations are likely to resist the decline or even strengthen against the trend. The style of the market’s 28 shift is likely to continue, and it may show up next week. Next Monday, you can pay close attention to the changes in the disk, which may be a good opportunity for the track stocks to switch to the stable growth sector.

Finally, I emphasize again: think more about why many people are bullish at low positions and bullish at high positions, whether they have such problems, and how to better improve and improve. Remember that money in the market can never be made, and keeping the principal is the most important. Where there is life, there is hope!

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