The new ORA Cat GT 401km battery life version has been officially launched

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Pinwan , June 18th , according to ORA official, the 2022 ORA Cat GT 401km battery life version has been officially launched, with an official guide price of 149,000 yuan. The new car is built on the pure electric architecture of the Lemon platform, with a retro-futuristic design, excellent driving pleasure, and rich intelligent driving assistance functions .

2022 ORA Cat GT The 40 1 km battery life version follows the classic design of the Haomao GT model as a whole. It is equipped with a 360° imitation carbon fiber cool suit, L-shaped hunting fangs, 18-inch cat claw contrast color wheels and GT exclusive sports rear wing, etc. Detailed configuration . 2022 ORA Cat GT The interior of the 40 1 km endurance version has also added four new Moran models: green rice, blue gray, green gray, and brown gray. Di color interior color scheme.

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The 2022 ORA Cat GT (including 401km and 480km endurance versions ) comes standard with many functions such as body stabilization system, 360° panoramic fusion image, parking radar and OTA vehicle remote upgrade service. Among them, ORA-Cabin comfort cabin gain BUFF includes fatigue driving monitoring, kick-sensing electric back door, voiceprint recognition interaction, comfort mode, main driver’s seat memory + welcome + heating + ventilation + massage, co-pilot The 4-direction electric adjustment of the seat + ventilation + heating + massage and other functions enhances the quality of the car experience; while the ORA-Pilot intelligent driving gain BUFF covers the three dimensions of driving assistance, active safety, and parking assistance, and integrates adaptive cruise. ACC, Intelligent Cornering ATC, Intelligent Cruise Assist ICA, Front Collision Warning FCW, Automatic Emergency Braking AEB, Blind Spot Detection BSD, Lane Departure Warning LDW and other advanced intelligent driving assistance functions, as well as AI automatic parking, mobile phone remote control Key parking, smart track reversing and many other intimate functions.

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