WM Motor debuted at the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, with driverless + travel ecology becoming the focus

On September 1, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened in Shanghai. During this conference, the Jinqiao Intelligent Networking Test Demonstration Zone officially launched the operation of the open test road for autonomous driving, becoming the first open road test area in the central urban area of ​​a super-large city in China. “The No. 1 Powerhouse of Smart Cars” WM Motor, together with its super-computing power-evolvable intelligent pure electric SUV-WM Motor W6, has become the first batch of vehicle companies in the country to perform functional demonstrations in this area. The unlimited-distance AVP unmanned autonomous parking technology is amazing for four seats . The AVP unmanned parking on the WM Motor W6 is the L4-level driverless technology that has the fastest landing and mass production in China , and WM Motor has become the only vehicle company that demonstrated and mass-produced this technology at the conference. At present, WM Motor has delivered over 100,000 smart pure electric passenger vehicles to the market.

Shen Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of WM Motor, said that WM Motor has participated in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference for four consecutive years. From the first V2X vehicle-road collaboration technology to the current AVP unmanned autonomous parking technology, WM Motor has It has always maintained close cooperation with the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the Management Committee of Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, and contributed to the development of my country’s intelligent networked vehicles. The World Artificial Intelligence Conference is not only a platform for WM Motor to show its independent research and development achievements, but also a microcosm of the rapid development of China’s artificial intelligence technology. Next, WM Motor will continue to practice “Technology Inclusive”, through the two demonstration projects of “private pile sharing” and “smart parking”, to effectively solve the pain points of energy replenishment and parking of my country’s intelligent networked car owners, so that every Chinese The family has a new energy smart travel life.

In the Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligent Networking Test Demonstration Zone, WM Motor W6 demonstrated the L4 AVP unmanned parking technology on site

Continued empowerment, WM Motor and Shanghai jointly seek the development of smart cars

The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference is co-sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Internet Information Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. The most powerful and highest-level event. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and this conference also pays more attention to the development trend of artificial intelligence technology and the achievements of the fifth anniversary of the development of Shanghai artificial intelligence industry.

The artificial intelligence industry is one of the three major leading industries for Shanghai’s development. Building an artificial intelligence “Shanghai Highland” and deeply empowering the digital transformation of Shanghai are the goals of Shanghai’s artificial intelligence development in recent years. As the product of artificial intelligence empowering the automobile industry, intelligent networked vehicles have become the main theme of the second half of the automobile industry. Shanghai has also been bravely leading the times in this regard. On July 28 this year, the executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal Government approved in principle the “Shanghai Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Innovation and Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicles”, proposing to use the city’s strength to develop intelligent connected vehicles. The Jinqiao Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industrial Park came into being and will be delivered in 2035.

As one of the leading new energy car companies rooted in Shanghai, WM Motor has been actively responding to the policy call, and has become the first batch of vehicle companies in the country to land in the Jinqiao Intelligent Connected Test Demonstration Zone for testing. WM Motor has always adhered to independent research and development, deeply cultivated the application of artificial intelligence in automobiles, and actively developed intelligent networked vehicles. It has taken the lead in seizing the technological high ground in the fields of three electric platforms, intelligent network connection, intelligent driving, etc., and has hundreds of artificial intelligence intellectual property rights, ranking the forefront of the industry . At the same time, through projects such as “private pile sharing” and “smart parking”, it has demonstrated its grand vision of the strategic layout of “smart travel new ecological service provider”.

Unmanned driving + travel ecology, WM Motor provides a blueprint for the development of intelligent networked vehicles

The process of WM Motor’s participation in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference is also the process of WM Motor’s technology iteration and enterprise transformation, and its development route outlines a blueprint for the future development of intelligent and connected vehicles. In the field of intelligent driving, WM Motor has completed the breakthrough from V2X vehicle-road collaboration technology to AVP unmanned autonomous parking technology; in the field of enterprise development, WM Motor has perfected its As the strategic layout of “Smart Travel New Ecological Service Provider”.

At this World Artificial Intelligence Conference, as the first batch of vehicle companies in the country to conduct field tests in the Jinqiao Intelligent Networking Test Demonstration Zone, WM Motor demonstrated the L4-level AVP unmanned parking technology. After the vehicle arrives at the parking area, the user can get off the car in advance, complete the vehicle’s autonomous path-finding and park into the space with one key on the mobile phone; when the user leaves the parking lot, the user can call the vehicle through the mobile phone to drive to the user’s location to pick up the car.

In the future, Weimar will focus on dealing with more complex urban open road scenarios. The FAD full-scene intelligent driving system, which is developed for the open roads of cities, truly realizes the full coverage of intelligent scenes of “full-scene parking-urban roads-intercity expressways”.

The launch of the “Smart Parking” service marks WM Motor’s first successful construction of a closed-loop parking ecosystem in the industry

In terms of travel ecology, through the “smart parking” service, WM Motor has opened up a huge data network covering more than 100 cities, more than 70,000 parking garages and 10,000,000 parking spaces across the country, and is committed to creating the only complete parking ecological experience in the industry. closed loop . At the same time, focusing on the pain points of users’ energy replenishment, WM Motor took the lead in launching the “private pile sharing” business in the industry to quickly revitalize idle private pile resources, provide users with a more convenient energy replenishment experience, and stimulate the further development of the intelligent networked vehicle market. WM Motor has always adhered to the concept of “inclusive science and technology”, and adjusted its business layout and development direction in a timely manner based on the actual needs of users.

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