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In the second half of 2017, I was unemployed at home and was urged by my parents to go out to work. I didn’t have any skills, and I didn’t know what to do. I asked my friend Xiaobo, who planned to follow my cousin to Jinhua for tune-up; When I was working, I always wanted someone to accompany me. After wandering around, my classmate A Jian contacted me. He planned to go back to the electronics factory where he last practiced and spend the remaining months of this year. I couldn’t stay any longer, so I felt the same way with him, so I went back to the electronics factory with him; the wages in the electronics factory were not high, and they were stratified according to the length of service. In other words, the longer you stayed, the better the benefits. Xiaoya worked in Haier There is also a reason for staying for 8 years; Ajian and I were not assigned to a dormitory, which meant that we all had to settle into a dormitory full of strangers. I slumped my luggage and bought a bag from the canteen downstairs in the dormitory. I don’t smoke, this is for the group of people in the dormitory; I walked to the door of the dormitory and knocked on the door, a strong shirtless man opened the door, watching me dragging my luggage, I should have understood what was going on, and turned around. I went back to the bed and sat by myself. I brought my luggage in, turned around and closed the door. I glanced at the bed allotted to me. There were a few suitcases and a few pairs of shoes on it. I asked the strong man who just opened the door for me. : “Hello, this bed was assigned to me today, do you know whose stuff is on it?” The strong man didn’t make a sound, came over and picked up a suitcase and stuffed it under his bed, then said, “The rest of you Just take it down and put it on the aisle.” Then he lay down and went to sleep, not forgetting to add: “Be quiet, everyone is on the night shift, and now they are going to bed.” I nodded in response, and then began to clean up my own. After finishing the bed and sitting on the bed, I noticed that in the dormitory for 8 people, except for me, only 2 seats were empty, and the others were sleeping.

Participated in the induction training on the second day. The content was exactly the same as the last internship. Then we assembled and waited for the online team leader to pick people. Ajian and I were selected to a test line, and the test line was the test assembly line assembly. Whether the function of a good computer is abnormal or not, it is a relatively easy line. I have been in the assembly line during my previous internship in the Asus factory, and I have developed a skill in screwing. The 16 screws on the back of the computer are divided into three types. The lengths are different, and they have to be inserted in sequence. The assembly line is not a manual push line. If it is slow, it will flow to the back. At the beginning, it made mistakes again and again. , the long screw hit the hole of the short screw, and drilled through the computer. Fortunately, it is ASUS’ own factory, and the material is its own. The team leader is a fat woman. I heard that I came from Peng Shui, and she said she was too. From Peng Shui, he didn’t say anything about me, and gradually I became proficient. Later, the team leader transferred me to the packaging line. The packaging line is very easy except for the final packaging position. My position is to go inside. Put a charger and a manual. Compared with assembly, assembly is simply inappropriate. Back here, Ajian and I went to the test line. My position was to turn on the computer and plug in the headphone cable to test whether the headphone jack was normal. That’s all. But less than a week later, Ajian and I were transferred to the assembly again. I was in charge of plugging in the monitor’s cable, and Ajian was in charge of pasting the notebook’s touchpad. After a day of work, my fingernails were torn out, and bloodshot in the seam of my fingernails. This feeling is very painful, but it still takes a long time. Yes, the calluses are formed, and there is no pain.

An interesting thing happened that year. A new order came from the factory. It was Xiaomi planning to make a notebook, and it fell into our assembly line. It was strictly confidential and not allowed to be leaked. , sent it to the post bar, and broke the news that Xiaomi started to produce notebooks. It is said that the factory lost 5 million to Xiaomi, and this person was also found out and handed over to the agency; this job did not take long, and in November, miners and Ajian left early and finally left. back home.


Years later, Da Fei, a classmate in Guangdong, contacted me, saying that he and a friend opened a garment factory in Guangdong and wanted to ask me to help. Fei; Da Fei is also a high school classmate. He dropped out of high school to start a sales business. He saved some money for a few years and wanted to start his own business, so he opened a clothing factory in Guangdong with others. A few days later, when I arrived in Guangdong, Da Fei took me to visit the factory, which is in a relatively remote suburb of Guangdong. There are still workers decorating the office, and the equipment is being moved in one by one, and then he took me to meet another of his. Partner; Da Fei asked me to come because most of the workers were acquaintances of his partners. Da Fei felt that a company was full of people from the other side, which was not good for him, so he asked me to assist him. My job was to bring them together. The clothes to be made are made into templates, which can be put into a drum printer to print out, then cut and sewed. After a few days of groping, I have mastered this thing, and I am responsible for putting on new clothes every day, but everything is not so smooth.

Da Fei saw that after the factory started to operate, his partner went out every day to accompany people to eat and drink business, but he didn’t call him. He was not happy anymore. The partner pulled an order, and after a few days of delivery, the money did not fall into Dafei’s hands. He was not happy again, it was rotten, and Ban didn’t come. He went out to fish, and there was no business for 3 months. , the delivery of the factory rent became a problem. The partner said that he had paid the first rent for the first order, but neither of them were willing to pay for the latter rent, and the wages of the workers were all owed but not paid. In the end, the two broke up and the factory was disbanded. Da Fei promised me that the money would be transferred to me when he sold the equipment in the factory. I have no place to stay now, and I have no extra expenses to live on, so I bought a ticket and went back to Chongqing, and then Da Fei lost contact, and all contact methods blocked me.


In 2019, I went to a shoe material factory with my uncle. This is where Jiefang shoe fabrics are glued. Several large-tube machines are heated to 240°, and the white cloth is covered with glue and watered, and covered with a layer of yellow. The cloth is ironed in the machine. Usually, the cloth will not be cut until after get off work after the machine is turned on. Since I have to keep the two layers of cloth in order, I was initially responsible for guarding there. If it is crooked, pull the cloth to adjust it. It’s too close, the temperature of the barrel is high, and it’s fine in winter, just like a fire, but it’s too hot in summer, so the boss bought an automatic edge correction machine, which automatically aligns, and I was called to add glue, just looking at the chopping board When the glue on the top is almost gone, add a little more to it, pass the white cloth on the chopping board, and put the glue on the white cloth. I worked here for a year, and a new person came in the second year. The boss gave him my position. He had an accident a month after he started working. He saw that the edger was a little uneven, so he adjusted the cloth by hand. God, he pulled the cloth into the drum with his hands. The huge pulling force pulled his entire arm in. Then I heard a scream and ran to shut down the equipment. At this time, his hand was still pressed in the drum. His face was also pulled and pasted on it. On the high-temperature roller, his meat was cooked very quickly. Several workers worked together to dismantle the roller to get his hands out and sent him to the hospital in time; unfortunately, the bones in his arms It’s broken and the meat is rotten; so far I’ve resigned from here and gone home.

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