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After eating “sea oyster porridge” in Putian Lumen at noon, I was going to go shopping in the supermarket to see what to buy, and then I met Ahui. He bought a bunch of vegetables and 30 yuan of pig ears. He told me that he picked a lot of longan yesterday and asked me to eat some. , but had no choice but to agree. After shopping around, I bought “three tomatoes and a pack of refreshing plums”. After I finished shopping, I helped Ah Hui carry some things back to his dormitory. When I got to the dormitory, I said that I didn’t have to pack longan, so Ah Hui gave me a bag. After I installed some longan for me, I went downstairs. When I went downstairs, I sent my sister a WeChat message and asked her when she would rest. I gave her some longan to eat. I said that I couldn’t eat it when I got angry.

At 1:00, I took a nap as usual, and woke up at 3:00. At this time, I opened WeChat and saw a message. A sister I met in 1999 sent me a message, “Ask me how much the rent in Xiamen is.” I showed her my Screenshots of utility bills and rent, and we talked a lot later. It turned out that “my brother” came to Xiamen to find a job. At that time, we were carefree and traveled. In the end, “my brother” was still crushed by reality to work and make money. raise a family.

At 4:30, I ate a can of white fungus soup and drank a bottle of milk. After putting on my clothes and pants, I set off to take the bus to the park. Elementary school students whom I hadn’t seen for a few months appeared in my field of vision because of the start of the school year. Watching them share their snacks with each other, I also sighed that I couldn’t go back to the past.

At 5:30, I walked one kilometer from the bus station to the park and started walking. It seems that it is going to rain today and it is not very hot, so the walking speed is much faster than yesterday. Along the way, you can see familiar faces “Grandpa with a white dog” “Grandma in sneakers and pink shorts, with white hair insisting on exercising” “A grandfather and her daughter, walking and chatting on the armrest”… I just Keep walking and walking, I am also distracted today, but it is much better than yesterday. As long as I “think wildly”, I slap myself 🖐🏻, so I slapped myself a dozen times today and my face is swollen.

When I was nearing the finish line today, I didn’t see the uncle who played “Saxophone”. I guess I didn’t go out because it looked like it was going to rain. Even in this kind of rainy weather, I was still soaking wet, it was so hard for me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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