“Your background is so fake!” How did the real photo become the special effect of fifty cents?

“Your background is too fake…”

“Fake? Say it again!”

Recently, Alimu, the main territory of Up, staged a tug-of-war with netizens. Under the beautiful scenery of Xinjiang like an oil painting, the whole portrait of the dark Almu was photographed .


Why is it so inconsistent? |@FrontierAlimu/bilibili

Netizens couldn’t believe their eyes, and they all said, “Your background is too fake.” Unconvinced, Alimu began to prove his innocence.

In order to prove that the background is real, he threw the bucket into the water with a big hand and asked the audience, “Is it fake!”


Whose bucket almost lost? I don’t say it|@FrontierAlimu/bilibili

Passing by the pink-blue-pink-blue creek, he picked up another stone and threw it into the water. When he saw the waves stirred up by the stone, he proudly said to the audience, “It’s not a fake background.”


It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that you really look too fake…|@border Alimu/bilibili

The bee that didn’t provoke anyone was also pinched by Alimu and released, just for the affirmation of a netizen.


Is the background a green screen? |@FrontierAlimu/bilibili

Although the background and people are indeed true, why is it that something doesn’t look right? It looks like it went up by P?

Fake ever-changing

Alimu’s video has its own “fake”. In order to find out what went wrong, we chose a very representative “rape flower field” and tried to make some changes.

The easiest way to make a video “real” is to take a screenshot. After cutting off the top half of the picture , it looks more than half of the real thing.



In the original picture, Alimu raised his head, and at the same time a hand was drawn at the edge of the picture. This action looks very much like a selfie . People who have taken selfies must have felt the pain of “hate their hands are not long enough”: the face occupies too much in the picture, so that there is no room for more pictures.

Substitute the perspective perspective of this “selfie” of Alimu, you will feel that the mountains in the distance are strange – it stands to reason that a selfie can only accommodate rapeseed fields, how can there be mountains, this is not a fake background is What?

In fact, watching the video, you will find that Alimu did not take a selfie with the other hand, maybe someone else helped to take it. When you see that both of his hands are in the frame, you will feel that the composition of this picture is a bit more reasonable.



Perspectives that seem unreasonable can easily confuse the human brain, such as the famous “Why are pigeons so big”. But re-imagining the shooting position and perspective relationship, when looking at this picture from the “near big and far small”, why the pigeon is so big will be easily solved.


Repeater: Why are the pigeons so big, why are the pigeons so big, why are the pigeons so big?

However, this did not make Alimu’s picture completely “real”. Alimu’s own skin color is also responsible for the “fake” video. In these videos, the brightness and color saturation of the background are mostly high, but a handsome guy with dark matte suddenly appears in the bright background, and the whole picture has a sense of separation: the person and the background do not seem to be in the same under the light source.

A little adjustment of Alimu’s skin color will add a little more realism to this picture.



In addition, the platform compresses the picture quality, which makes people look fuzzy, as if they are people who have been cut out from other low-quality materials. We add a bit of sharpening to it, to make it a little bit clearer , and maybe a little bit more real.


The current effect|@FrontierAlimu/bilibili


Take a look at the original picture and go straight | @border Alimu/bilibili

We have done our best here, but there is still a problem: Alimu’s protruding earlobes make people feel that the photos are not clean… You just need to make an ear out of your brain.

“Fake photos”, very good

Shadows and Perspectives

If you want to go out of your way to take some “fake photos,” shadows and perspective are two natural props.

The brain treats a puddle of water on the ground as a shadow, causing the person to levitate directly in the air.



Or pick a good time in direct sunlight, the absence of shadows can also make your photos look fake.



Choose a good angle, you can also have a suspended cat head. It looks strange that the cat’s head is suspended on the door frame, but it is actually the cat that hides behind the door frame and shows its head to greet the owner.


@Mobius0118/twitter (left) @nagachyan (right)


In the picture, the old man’s legs are not put down, which makes the perspective and proportions look strange | @My surname is normal / Doubanha group

perfect color

There are a lot of photos that are “fake” because they are too perfect. Bright, saturated colors and unobservable panoramas turn a photo into a painting.


In this photo taken by the photographer at Dead Vlei, the dark trees contrast with the illuminated red sand dunes, making it look like a painting. |FRANS LANTING/Nationalgeographic

Some studies have pointed out that colors with high saturation and high brightness can attract people’s attention more, so many mobile phone manufacturers will also choose to increase the saturation of photos, which is more pleasing to the eyes.

But this saturation is not good. If you see a photo with high-purity, beautiful colors, your first reaction will tell you: it’s a painting. Over-saturation will make the color of the picture unnatural, and the image is drawn with a single color paint . As photographer Heather Barnes puts it: “It’s hard to see pure colors in nature because ambient light can de-saturate the colors. That’s why you have to be very careful in post not to oversaturate the colors.”


At the same time, the photos show us only a part, and we can’t get more details and real information of the shooting scene. This makes it easier for photographers to “make perfect”.


The default desktop of Windows 10 is actually a live shot丨Signum Game Studio/Youtube

Excessive “calculation”

Although we used sharpening to make Alimu’s photos look more real, in fact, over-sharpening is also the “culprit” that makes the photos look fake.

Although sharpening will make the overall picture clearer and more impactful, over-sharpening will also cause white edges to appear on the edges of objects in the picture, which will make the objects feel heavier .


Obvious over-sharpening, there is a “halo” around the edge of the text | Reference [3]

In addition, today’s mobile phones have successively introduced “computational photography”, in which the automatic HDR (High dynamic range) function has become indispensable. To put it simply, this function actually improves the overall look and feel of the photos by taking multiple photos of the same scene with different brightness and synthesizing them through algorithms. However, many people find that when the background light is too strong, HDR will forcibly increase the light of the backlit face. This will cause the whole person to be gray, as if P went up.


Many people complain about the iPhone’s HDR photography and oversharpening丨macrumors.com

When the iPhone’s computational photography was first launched, many netizens scolded such exaggerated sharpening and HDR, so that…


Use strange algorithms to automatically “optimize” pictures and videos | @米子/douban

If it is sharpened and there is no shadow, it looks like a proper p-picture with five hair effects.

After reading this article, and then watching Alimu’s video, do you think it is a lot more reasonable? But it’s also possible…


Why is the Alimu version of the pigeon so big! |@continuous leakage/bilibili


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