Youyan Morning Post: Classic shooting game “Doom 64” for free; “NS Sports” surpassed “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” to return to the top of the weekly sales list

Good morning, friends, the following is the morning research report brought by the intern.

1. Several players engaged in data mining found that “Sprague 3” uses a new server system NLPN to improve online stability, which is also used in “Monster Hunter Rise”.

In order to ensure smoothness, the game also uses AMD’s FSR technology, which can render low-resolution images into higher resolutions. Compared to native high-resolution images, this technology requires less GPU. This technology has been applied in “NS Sports”.

2. The games that Epic gave away this week are “Rumbleverse – Burst Boxer Content Pack” and “Doom 64”.

“Rumbleverse – Burst Boxer Content Pack” includes an exclusive Burst Boxer set, exclusive business card backgrounds and borders, and 120 minutes of in-game fame boosting props.

Doom 64 is an enhanced version launched in 2020 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DOOM series, giving players the easiest way to experience the original game on modern platforms. The game has enhanced visual effects, improved keyboard and mouse operations, supports gamepads, supports widescreen resolutions, and supports native 60FPS. There are more than 30 levels in the game.

3. “Famitsu” announced the sales of physical games in Japan for the past two weeks (August 1st to 14th). “NS Sports” returned to the top of the sales list after the release of the update. The details are as follows:

– “NS Sports” sold 53,900 copies, with a cumulative sales of 677,393 copies

– “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” sold 39,529 copies, with a cumulative sales of 152,257 copies

– “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition” sold 29,276 copies, with a cumulative sales of 4,774,885 copies

– “Kirby Discovery” sold 27,957 copies, with a cumulative sales of 851,866 copies

– “Monster Hunter Rise + Dawning Pack” sold 24,180 copies, with a cumulative sales of 241,652 copies

– “Minecraft” sold 21,173 copies, with a cumulative sales of 2,749,039 copies

– “LIVE A LIVE” sold 20,999 copies, with a total of 106,234 copies

– “Ring Fitness Adventure” sold 19,012 copies, with a cumulative sales of 3,247,019 copies

– “GT Racing 7” sold 17,153 copies, with a cumulative sales of 157,041 copies

– “Momotaro Electric Railway ~ Show Heisei Reiwa is also a basic model! ~” sold 12,780 copies, with a cumulative sales of 2,698,202 copies

4. Blizzard announced that “Diablo 4” will continue to update seasonal content, and an “army of developers” will provide support for the update. The game will announce a new feature in each season. At the beginning of the new season, players need to create a new character to start their own journey.

5. The fourth avatar of “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” is online. You can enter Nintendo Switch Online from the console to exchange the avatar.

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