Yuanting Technology completes RMB 100 million in Series B financing

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Recently, Yuanting Technology, the pioneer and leader of cognitive decision-making intelligence reported by Entrepreneur, has completed the B round of financing of RMB 100 million, exclusively invested by Dachen Caizhi. It is reported that this round of funds will be mainly used for the upgrade of core AI products, the introduction of high-end talents, and the market expansion in national defense, government and enterprise, industry, finance and other business directions.

Investor’s View:

As one of the earliest local venture capital institutions established by market-oriented operation in China, Dachen Caizhi has been focusing on information technology, intelligent manufacturing, defense and military industry, consumer services, medical and health and other fields in recent years. For this investment, Dachen Caizhi Gong Xuhua, managing director of Zhi and partner of the Military Industry Sub-Fund, said:

With the acceleration of the informatization process of global military equipment, the trend of remote precision, intelligence, stealth, and unmannedness is more obvious, and the amount of battlefield data is increasing exponentially, which promotes the transformation of modern warfare into a system and a system, and between the whole and the whole. information and combat power. Therefore, military intelligence based on intelligent information processing is the key support for a modern joint combat system that realizes multiple integration of early warning, intelligence, communication, and command, and it is also the mainstream demand in the future.

Yuanting Technology is an enterprise that provides a full-stack military intelligent product system. It has accumulated for a long time in basic technologies such as knowledge map and decision-making intelligence, and has a large leading edge in military requirements and product planning. . At the same time, the company actively expands government and enterprise, industry, finance and other fields, deploys relevant intelligent platform/solution-level products, and has accumulated nearly 100 large-scale industry leading customers. It can be said that Yuanting Technology has broad market prospects in the fields of military intelligence and government-enterprise intelligence. We believe that it has great potential to grow into a leading enterprise in this field.

Introduction of Yuanting Technology:

Founded in 2014, Yuanting Technology is a pioneer and leader in cognitive decision-making intelligence. It has core technical advantages and leading engineering capabilities in the fields of knowledge graph, graph computing, reinforcement learning, machine learning (deep learning), etc. , finance, government affairs, industrial Internet and other dozens of industry customers provide three major middle-end products and full-stack AI + industry solutions: cognitive middle-end, decision-making middle-end, and data middle-end.

Yuanting Technology is based in Xiamen, and has branches, subsidiaries and service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changsha and other places. At present, it has served many departments of the Military Commission, the Chinese Navy, the Chinese Army, the Chinese Air Force, the Strategic Support Force, CLP More than 200 well-known enterprises such as Science and Technology, China Ordnance, Aerospace Science and Industry, China Shipbuilding, China Military, the People’s Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Registration and Clearing, Shanghai Futures Exchange, GF Securities, China Mobile, China Tower, China Telecom, etc. Government agencies.

As artificial intelligence penetrates into all elements of warfare and integrates with the whole process of combat, the form of modern warfare is quietly changing, and intelligent warfare is beginning to emerge. In the field of defense, six major systems and fifteen industry-standard products have been created, providing full life-cycle technical support for military scenarios such as game confrontation, equipment system, simulation simulation, virtual staff, intelligence analysis, and logistics support, and can quickly build a complete Intelligent solutions for all roles, elements, and links of military operations help AI technology to be transformed in defense application scenarios, and deeply empower the military intelligence process in the defense industry.

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