Zhengzhou held a report meeting on key housing enterprise projects, giving priority to 7 leading real estate companies to help rescue

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 27. Recently, a screenshot of a document marked with Zhengzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau released on July 20 was circulated on the Internet. report". The real estate company said that the screenshot of the document is a screenshot of the material titled "Report on the Exit of Key Real Estate Enterprises in the City" by the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Administration Bureau. The original intention of the document is that the government plans to help the top high-quality housing companies in Zheng to solve the current difficulties, fulfill the national three guarantee requirements of "guaranteeing delivery, ensuring production, and protecting people's livelihood". For the owner, it is a good opportunity to solve the current temporary predicament and ensure delivery. The first batch of 7 companies are the leading real estate companies that have been deeply involved in Zhengzhou for a long time. (Source: Surging)

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