Zhijia Technology delivered the first batch of 100 self-driving heavy truck orders

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On August 16, Zhijia Technology and Zhitu Technology, based on FAW Jiefang’s mass-produced models, built the self-driving heavy truck, the J7 super truck, and delivered it to Rongqing Logistics in batches.

Founded in 1997, Rongqing Logistics is a 5A-level integrated logistics enterprise integrating the three core businesses of cold chain, general cargo and chemical industry. At present, Rongqing Logistics has more than one million square meters of warehouses across the country, distributed in seven key node cities such as Wuhan and Guangzhou; it has about 2,000 self-owned trucks and 70,000 third-party vehicles.

Smart Plus Technology (Plus) was founded in 2016, has L4 level full-stack autonomous driving technology research and development capabilities, and launched the industry’s first commercial heavy truck autonomous driving solution PlusDrive. In the United States, Zhijia Technology has begun to deliver Amazon orders for 1,000 self-driving heavy trucks equipped with the PlusDrive system.

According to reports, the vehicles delivered this time are the first batch of orders for Zhijia Technology’s autonomous driving heavy trucks. The total number of vehicles to be delivered in the order is 100 units, which is currently the largest order for front-loading mass-produced self-driving heavy trucks in China. In the future, this batch of self-driving heavy trucks will be put into Rongqing Logistics and Zhijia Technology, and the joint operation dedicated line of mass production smart heavy trucks has been opened.

In September 2021, Rongqing Logistics and Zhijia Technology launched a joint operation and opened China’s first mass-produced intelligent heavy truck operation line.

Previously, the mass-production-level self-driving J7 super truck has been put into trial operation on the two trunk highways, Beijing-Shanghai and Shenhai, with heavy traffic and large cargo transportation volume. Up to now, the combined operating mileage of self-driving heavy trucks has exceeded 90,000 kilometers, the self-driving ratio is as high as 96.7%, and the automatic driving is 10% less fuel-efficient than manual driving.

Among them, the PlusDrive system of Zhijia Technology on the J7 super truck can integrate intelligent functions such as driver fatigue monitoring and safe parking to ensure reliability and safety in all application scenarios; automatic driving in a single lane supports 0-100km/h full speed range and In the large curvature scene, intelligent driving functions such as automatic lane change and micro obstacle avoidance in the current lane have been realized for the first time on mass-produced heavy trucks.

“The production of heavy trucks is different from that of passenger cars. Heavy trucks are custom-made, and it takes a long time from placing an order to receiving the goods.” Rong Li, general manager of Zhijia Technology China, said that 100 self-driving heavy trucks are expected to be produced in one day. All delivered within two years.

According to Rongli, if the commercial operation of self-driving trucks is to be realized, the vehicles must be announced by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This time, the self-driving heavy truck delivered by Zhijia Technology is a front-loaded mass-produced vehicle. The mass-produced truck from the production line liberated by FAW is a truck that can truly realize commercial operation.

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