The People’s Pharmacy apologizes for the registered customer member named “Beast”


On August 15, when Mr. Li from Changsha, Hunan went to a common people’s pharmacy to pay for medicine, he accidentally found that his member’s name was written as “beast”. After complaining, the pharmacy only did a simple pacification and asked him to go to the pharmacy to get a small gift. Mr. Li recalled that during the Chinese New Year four years ago, he received a sales call. He scolded the employees of the store on the phone, and it may have been changed at that time… The common people said that recently, the company learned the name of its store members. If there is an error in the entry, relevant investigation will be carried out immediately. The details are as follows: 1. The store is Yuelu Store of Changsha Yongkangtang Pharmacy, Hunan Changsha Pharmacy Group, which acquired the store in January this year; 2. The wrong entry of the member name is due to The original member information of Yongkangtang Pharmacy was wrong, and the correction has been completed. We sincerely communicated and apologized to the customer, and have obtained the customer’s understanding; There is indeed a responsibility for oversight. The company has launched a comprehensive investigation of ordinary store members across the country to strengthen the management of the membership system to prevent such incidents from happening again.
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