2022 ISC International Supercomputing Competition results announced! Tsinghua University, CUHK and SUSTech take the top three


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Recently, the results of the 2022 ISC International Supercomputer Competition Finals were announced, and three universities from China took the top three places in the world on the online track!

The three schools are Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University and Southern University of Science and Technology, who won the first, second and third place respectively:


Legend: Screenshot of the results of the official website of the ISC competition

The ISC Supercomputing Competition in Europe is one of the top competitions in the field of supercomputers and an important part of the ISC International Supercomputing Conference. It is known as the world’s three major supercomputing competitions together with the ASC competition in China and the SC competition in the United States. The ISC International Supercomputing Conference is hosted by the International High Performance Computing Steering Committee and the International Supercomputing Organization. It is the world’s oldest and Europe’s top conference and networking event for the international high-performance computing community.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s ISC competition is divided into two tracks: online competition and live competition. The online competition is open to all teams around the world, while the live competition is open to up to five teams from Europe, benchmarking over three days during the ISC Congress.

For the online competition, participating teams compete in three supercomputing centers:

  • Bridges-2 Supercomputer: Located at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), a joint computing research center between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, Bridges-2 is PSC’s newest supercomputer (to enter production in March 2021).

  • Niagara Supercomputer: Owned by the University of Toronto and operated by SciNet, includes 2016 Intel Skylake Xeon 6148 nodes, 202GB RAM and InfiniBand EDR network.

  • HPCAC-AI Cluster Center, Thor Cluster: The HPC Advisory Council High Performance Center provides an environment for product development, testing, benchmarking, and optimization based on cluster technology. Thor Cluster is a 32-node cluster with an NVIDIA BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU).

According to the official website of SUSTech News, this is the first time that the supercomputing team of SUSTech students will appear in the ISC International Supercomputing Competition.

The topics of this competition include the open source computational chemistry software NWChem, the next-generation global numerical weather prediction and climate modeling system ICON, the high-order finite difference turbulence solver Xcompact3d and its performance optimization programming challenge Coding Challenge.

The SUSTech supercomputing team consists of 6 undergraduates, including Zhang Yiqi, a 2018 undergraduate from the Department of Biology, Zheng Yingwei, a 2020 class from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Yuan Tong and Fan Qingyuan, a 2018 class from the Shenzhen-Hong Kong School of Microelectronics, and a 2018 class from the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering. Ji Xiao, and Luo Yiling, Class of 2018 from the Department of Statistics and Data Science.

The students of Sun Yat-sen University who participated in this competition are also 6 undergraduates, including Huang Han and Liu Siran from the School of Computer Science and Technology of the 2019 class, Lin Tianhao of the 2019 class of Computer Science and Technology (supercomputing direction), and Computer Science and Technology of the 2020 class (system). Structure direction) Tang Zhe, Ye Yang, a 2020-level computational mathematics major, and Lv Tianxiang, a 19-level theoretical and applied mechanics major in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The leading teachers are Huang Dan and Chen Zhiguang.


Legend: Sun Yat-Sen University participating teams, photo source ISC official website

Tsinghua University also participated in this competition with 6 undergraduates: Mingshu Zhai, Zeyu Song, Kaiyuan Rong, Yanyu Ren, Yuxi Zhu, and Juncheng Cao, led by Zhai Jidong and Han Wentao.


Note: Tsinghua University participating teams, picture source ISC official website

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