“2022 Top 500 Private Enterprises” announced: JD.com’s revenue topped the list for the first time, and Tencent’s tax payment increased the most

On September 7, the 2022 China Top 500 Private Enterprise Summit was held in full bloom. At the meeting, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the list of the top 500 private enterprises in China in 2022 and the research and analysis report.

It is understood that a total of 8,602 companies with annual revenue of more than 500 million yuan participated in the selection this year, and the entry threshold for the top 500 private enterprises reached 26.4 billion yuan, an increase of 2.866 billion yuan over the previous year.


Judging from the list, the total operating income of my country’s top 500 private enterprises in 2021 will be 38.32 trillion yuan. Among them, JD.com topped the list for the first time with an operating income of 951.6 billion yuan, which is also the top 100 private enterprises serving private enterprises for two consecutive years. Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd., Hengli Group Co., Ltd., Zhengwei International Group Co., Ltd., and Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. are close behind in terms of revenue.

In 2021, the total after-tax net profit of my country’s top 500 private enterprises in the same period will be 1.73 trillion yuan. Among them, Tencent topped the list with a slight advantage of 123.8 billion, and the second-ranked Huawei had a net profit of 113.7 billion, which was about twice the net profit of Huawei last year (64.6 billion in 2020), Alibaba and Ant Technology’s net profit Net profit reached 57.8 billion and 50.6 billion respectively, ranking third and fourth.

At the same time, the list also shows the characteristics of a slight increase in the total tax payment of private enterprises and a continuous increase in social contribution.

In the past year, despite facing the dual pressure of economic fluctuations and the impact of the epidemic, as the leading and important part of national tax revenue, the top 500 enterprises still made considerable contributions to tax revenue growth, especially the manufacturing and Internet service industries.

In 2021, the total tax payment of the top 500 private enterprises will reach 1.37 trillion yuan, a slight increase over the previous year, an increase of 0.17%, accounting for 7.9% of the country’s total tax revenue. There are 5 companies with a tax payment of more than 30 billion yuan. The rankings are: Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd., Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Geely Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd.

Among them, Vanke ranked first with a tax payment of 75.4 billion yuan. Huawei’s tax payment reached 67.2 billion yuan, a decline from last year’s 90.3 billion yuan tax payment, and the ranking dropped to second. It is worth mentioning that Tencent’s tax payment in 2021 will reach 39.1 billion yuan, a net increase of 10.3 billion yuan compared with the 28.4 billion tax payment in 2020, which also makes Tencent the top five taxpayers in 2021. One of the most significant growth. According to the ranking of this list, Tencent ranks first in tax payment for the Internet service industry.

In terms of industries, the top five industries in the top 500 private enterprises in terms of total tax payment in 2021 are real estate, computer communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, Internet and related services, petroleum, coal and other fuel processing industries. industry. Among them, the total tax payment of the Internet service industry reached 105.132 billion yuan, and 15 enterprises were shortlisted, accounting for 7.69% of the total tax payment of the top 500 companies.

“Top 500 Private Enterprises in China” is a professional survey conducted by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce on large and medium-sized private enterprises in order to understand and grasp the operation and development of large and medium-sized private enterprises. Since 1999, this year is the 24th time that the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce has conducted an annual survey on large-scale private enterprises.


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