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The Year of the Tiger has some special meaning to me. I happen to be a tiger, so this year happens to be the year of birth. I thought it was an auspicious year, but later I learned that there is a folk saying that the year of birth is easy to commit Tai Sui. The wise ancient people thought of wearing red socks to ward off evil spirits. This custom has helped generation after generation to pass through smoothly Benming year, it can be said that the effect is remarkable, naturally I also wore red.

At the beginning of the new year, it is customary to make a summary. It is better to put this work on New Year’s Day one month before, because the number of days in the Gregorian calendar year is relatively stable, and the periodicity is more obvious, but because I am really lazy, I want to postpone it until Let’s talk about the Lunar New Year, so I have not started writing until today, thinking that the Lunar New Year is almost over, so it will be today (the 10th day of the second month of the Gregorian calendar, the 10th day of the Lunar New Year) .

Counting the number of blog updates last year, there are a total of 5 articles, one of which is a copy of the ten-year appointment that was directly moved, which can be described as a handful. If you count the second half of 2019, these 5 essays have been written in the past year and a half. This output is not even comparable to the volume of essays in the third year of high school. At that time, at least four essays of more than 800 words could be written in a month. .

Although I don’t write much, I have been working diligently recently. I have been using typecho since the blog was established in 2017, and this year is the fifth year, but just recently I changed to the static blog system hexo, adopted the twikoo comment system, and migrated the articles + comments of the entire site. , The only regret is that the “page” comments were not able to come (already resolved). Since couqiao.net has not been filed, the blog is currently hosted on netlify abroad (the free version has 100G of traffic per month and 300 minutes of deployment time). The ping results show that the line of this family is the anycasting ip of Amazon Cloud. The nodes are all abroad, so the experience of domestic access speed may not be very good, but the advantage is that it is free. As for why I want to change the static blog, I honestly don’t know why, it’s probably just for the sake of freshness, I just use it for a while, and then I change it back if I feel uncomfortable.

In fact, writing with hexo is a lot of trouble. In the past, when I used typecho, I could write and update anytime, anywhere on my mobile phone, tablet, and computer, but now I can only use my computer, so I spent a lot of money on it. Genuine Typora software, the investment cost is not small. However, although this is no longer so convenient, it seems to make updating the blog more ceremonial, and sometimes the sense of ritual makes an event more meaningful.

There are too many things waiting for me in the new year, such as graduation thesis, internship, and job search. I seem to have experienced these things once two years ago. There are several classmates around who have successfully applied for the Master and Ph.D. program, and a few students who want to continue the Ph.D. exam. When I was an undergraduate, I also thought that I would read a doctorate after I was admitted to graduate school. I am still interested in scientific research, but based on more practical considerations, I should not choose to continue reading.

In fact, last year, I also formulated a reading plan. I planned to read 30 books throughout the year, but unfortunately I did not achieve the goal in the end. It’s not that you’re too busy to have time, it’s that you waste too much time on things that don’t make sense. This year, I still set myself the flag of reading 30 books, including at least 6 classic literature. After reading each book, I have to make a summary. I hope this year’s flag will not fall.

Finally, I hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible. Last month, I watched “Hugging You Through the Cold Winter” with my girlfriend in the cinema. It tells the story of Wuhan when the city was closed two years ago. Who would have thought that these stories would still be alive today two years later? It continues to be performed in various places, and I really hope to return to peace as soon as possible. Now she is a graduate student in Nanjing and I am a graduate student in Yangzhou. Last year, Nanjing and Yangzhou suffered from successive epidemics. After the epidemic, the epidemic prevention policies in the two places were tightened. It was inconvenient for both of us to leave our respective cities. So difficult, the seventh year of stumbling and stumbling together, I hope everything goes well.

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