Anxious young people, is the superstitious staying up late water useful?

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“The worst night is to use the most expensive eye cream.” The current context of punk health has escalated again. Today’s young people are “surviving the worst night and using the most nourishing ginseng.”

On the market, staying up all night water has become popular again. Since last year, similar products such as staying up all night water, “fairy water” and “scraping oil water” have emerged one after another, and wave after wave of products and brands have emerged one after another. Huge chrysanthemums and roses are all appearances that young people can see, but according to relevant sources, Tech Planet, in fact, such as ginseng, the price is relatively low, and the real nutritional value is not high.

In line with the attitude that you can maintain health by eating, this year’s young people’s “Buddhist health care” and “punk health care” are supporting a track, and capital is also entering the market quickly. The cumulative amount of financing for individual brands has reached 10 million within half a year. Tea has also brought a wave of health care to young consumers.

The prominence of health tea beverages is an innovation. In fact, it is just the appearance of the inward roll of the tea beverage track. It is still unknown what the repurchase rate will be and whether it will last forever. Whether it can really impress young people remains to be verified by time.

Stay up all night water, fairy water, shave oil water, just drink it for young people’s health anxiety?

This time, the health anxiety of young people is melted into the new tea drink.

A variety of subdivided products such as “stay up late water”, “no makeup water”, “fairy water”, “oil scraping water” and “vigor water” have emerged on the market one after another. situation.

Searching for the data related to “Aoye Water”, on social media, it is mostly marketing and water promotion. Taking Xiaohongshu data as an example, there are as many as 420,000+ notes on “Awkward Water”, and even a single image and text exceeds 4w+ likes. , thousands of comments, and more than 1,200 “stay up late water” items.

In fact, “staying up all night water” has indeed achieved a temporary effect. According to the “Case” report, the team behind “a whole root” staying up late ginseng water will be launched in the Lawson convenience store in Sichuan and Chongqing in May 2022, and the next day , the first batch of 10,000 bottles were all sold out in the Sichuan-Chongqing area, and the recent single-day sales data can reach 100,000 bottles. In the sales data of Hema, “One Whole” quickly rose to the first place in the new product list. .

According to Tongrentang’s disclosure to Tech Planet, the three products of staying up late water, fairy water and good night water are the best-selling products in herbal beverages. As a sub-brand transformed from a time-honored brand, Zhima Health has discovered the health needs of modern young people in the research of the entire market, combined traditional Chinese medicine culture with fashionable life, and launched a national trend health drink suitable for young people’s social check-in. Constantly innovating and gaining diversified traffic from social platforms and other channels, many celebrities have come to Zhima to check in and post orders, and the stay-up water is also popular.

Investigating the reason, the main products such as “health”, “beauty” and “collagen” have precisely captured the pain points of consumers from the post-90s to the Z generation, advertised as improving body loss, replenishing vitality, and relieving youth to a certain extent. Human health anxiety.

Young people, on the one hand, bear 996,007 in work and study, and suffer enormous pressure on their bodies and minds. This has also led to the fact that the health care cycle has indeed become more advanced in this group of young people. According to the data from the “McKinsey Health Consumption Guide”, Chinese people pay the most attention to health care in the world, and this group of people between the ages of 26 and 30 is the main force, with more than 70% of the post-90s young people regard health as a top priority.

“Fear of death” young people began to seek external solutions, and food supplements seem to be the easiest and most convenient and easy to obtain. Dividing its usage scenarios, snacks, office convenience stores, takeaways and other scenarios are also helpful for purchasing; One background is that, driven by the national tide culture, the market of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine food supplements is becoming hot. In the health preservation of young people, Chinese food supplements have become a new generation of health preservation methods.

Merchants who are good at capturing needs and insight into pain points make clever use of young people’s demands for health preservation. For example, “one whole root” contains a root of ginseng less than 5 years old, Tongrentang’s staying up late water contains ginseng, jujube, Gongju, Luo Han Guo and honey, Chunfeng “royal jelly staying up late water” has a root Ginseng, as well as red dates, fetal chrysanthemum, pueraria.

A user cici who has drunk staying up all night water told Tech Planet that staying up all night water is a taste of Compendium of Materia Medica. A healthy taste.

“I would like to try products with black sesame pills, qi supplementation, and oil scraping and dehumidification products. I now buy donkey-hide gelatin cake and jujube with walnuts as snacks.” Xiao Ke, a consumer of “Scrub Oil Water” Tell Tech Planet.

Health preservation is becoming a new rigid need. Punk health preservation is a further step. Young people don’t care about specific functions, but want to see the “curative effect”.

“I am the type of young man who eats the most expensive health supplements, stays up the deepest night, is intermittently hilarious and mourned, and is a Buddhist-style healthy young man. For example, I will check whether it is 0 sugar and 0 calories before buying a drink. If the label is rich in vitamins, it will also be the reason to impress me. This is actually a kind of self-hypnosis and comfort in disguise. As long as the label is healthy, even with cool drinks, I feel that it is healthy.” Xiaoche Xiang Tech Planet said.

In this era when all traditional consumption tracks are worth redoing, the sub-category of health care + tea has become a virgin land that has not yet been involved in giants. Huge potential and profit margins.

According to the “Youth Health Consumption Trend Report” released by CBNData, more than 90% of the post-90s have awareness of health preservation, and more than half of the post-90s are on the road to health preservation. According to data from the China Business Industry Research Institute, the functional food market will exceed 600 billion yuan in 2022.

In the face of the future 100 billion-level market supported by the health needs of young people, “stay up all night water” is striving to compete for the next hot tea drink.

Can you really maintain health, or is it an IQ tax?

Health care has become a new fashion for young people.

Under the high-intensity work rhythm of 996, the consumption of the body is also different from the past. The demand of young people for health preservation is even higher than that of other generations. In terms of consumption, young people are also more eager to buy health products. According to Qicheng Capital According to the data, Chinese tonics ranked first with a penetration rate of nearly 90% among people under the age of 40.

But what about the real efficacy?

Chen Qi, an industry insider in the ginseng industry, told Tech Planet that ginseng can be divided into pure wild ginseng, under-the-forest ginseng, under-the-forest ginseng, and garden ginseng. Ginseng, therefore, this ginseng is also designated as wild ginseng, and will be labeled with wild ginseng to show its value; and due to the introduction of flat cultivation technology, 4 years and 7 years are artificially cultivated ginseng, such ginseng is in Northeast ginseng. , is at the same price as radish all year round, and may not be as good as radish most of the time.

Chen Qi told Tech Planet that the nutritional value of ginseng comes from ginsenosides, and white ginseng is generally further processed into red ginseng and black ginseng. According to the retail price of ginseng, the price of 500g is about 50 yuan, and the price of 1g is about 0.5 yuan. According to a piece of ginseng, it is about 10g. If the quantity is large, the wholesale price can be used, and the price can be cut by half. The cost is probably within a few dollars.

Chen Qi also joked that in the Northeast, ginseng boxes are more expensive than ginseng, and glass bottles should not be cheap for staying up late.

Taking “one whole root” as an example, the bottle shows that the growth cycle of ginseng is 5 years or less. In terms of its function, it is not really healthy. Some doctors said that ginseng needs to be cut into small pieces and then repeatedly soaked and extracted for a long time to extract the active ingredients, and the best solvent is 70% ethanol, which is why many people like to use high alcohol to soak ginseng. There is no high alcohol, you can also boil it with hot water, the effect is slightly worse. At present, most of the water for staying up late on the market is extracted from cold water, and its nutritional cost is actually relatively low.

In addition, a food practitioner told Tech Planet that according to the Food Safety Law, there are currently only two types of food categories: ordinary food and health food. Those who buy health food will have a “blue hat” related logo, and these products such as “staying up all night water”, functional drinks, and drinks with various Chinese herbal medicines, which are mainly for health preservation, are not health care products in the true sense.

Investigating its efficacy, “staying up late water” may only eventually become a placebo effect.

Conspiracy with capital, the road to differentiation of new tea drinks

Capital will not be absent from any popular track.

The new tea drink itself is a big enough track. The two leading players, Nai Xue’s tea currently has a market value of 10 billion yuan, and HEYTEA’s valuation of 60 billion yuan, which can reflect the determination of capital to continue to go into the sea.

On the other hand, the health care track is a big track with no ceiling in sight. According to the “China Health Care Big Data Report”, the current health care market size in my country has exceeded one trillion yuan, and the average annual spending of each city resident More than 1,000 yuan was spent on health and wellness, of which 83.8% were young people aged 18 to 35.

Therefore, products such as Aoye Shui, as an emerging form of new tea brand focusing on health preservation, are looking for incremental opportunities in a huge market. In the eyes of capital, their increment and potential are huge.

“Hetian Water Shop”, which promotes instant health preservation, opened its first store in Qingdao in December 2020. The sales volume of takeaways in the first month reached more than 3,000 orders, and within three months, it received two rounds of participation from Plum Blossom Ventures. Financing, the cumulative amount of financing has reached 10 million; Hangzhou’s local flagship Chinese-style health tea brand “Chunfeng”, following the completion of tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing in March this year, it has now launched A round of financing.

And the hard-core Yan Institute behind “One Whole Root” has made 4 products in just over a year, but the first few were not very successful: from small bottles of bird’s nest to carbon-blocking milk tea, to today’s ginseng staying up late. Behind the transformation, it is actually switching from a small category to a larger market.

Even staying up late can’t escape the fate of the tea industry’s crazy shop opening. Facing the potential market supported by young people’s health needs, capital is rushing in, and “stay up water” brands have set off a shop opening frenzy.

According to 36氪 report, Chunfeng has opened more than 70 stores; Tongrentang’s “Zhima Health”, which first launched “stay up all night water”, plans to open 300 stores in Beijing within a year.

In fact, the emergence of the new category of staying up late water is just another manifestation of the involution of the new tea drinking track at the moment. Tea itself is a relatively large track. With the blessing of capital, health care has become a “new rigid need”, and staying up late water is aimed at the subdivision needs of young people’s health care, which is a new consumption environment. The segmentation and differentiation made is also a new opportunity found in the hot tea drinking track in the inner volume.

However, the low threshold and low barrier nature of tea drinks are determined. If the new health tea drinks continue to be popular and continue to be out of the circle, I believe that soon, the giants will rush to learn and copy the same style. By then, the advantages of the new brand may no longer exist.

On the other hand, health-preserving tea drinks represent a higher gross profit. Many drinks that add herbs, ginseng and other medicinal and food homologous ingredients can easily jump to the price range of 25-30 yuan, which can also fight against human labor. , rent, takeaway platforms and other high costs.

But the problem that also arises is that, at present, the repurchase rate is a problem. For example, the PSD (average daily sales per store) of the instant bird’s nest “One Piece of White” developed by the “One Whole Root” team is only 0.3 bottles. .

Under the dual blessing of health preservation and new tea drinks, it is easy to run out of new brands and have a hot moment, but at present, what we see more is to advertise concepts such as beauty, peculiarity, and limitation, and in the future, in the taste , daily, snacking, continuous innovation in craftsmanship and products, will be the key to success and longevity.

Otherwise, young people will not be able to feed the health-promoting tea market, which is hyped by capital, and “new rigid needs” will easily become pseudo-demands and IQ taxes.

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